WD21 Pathfinder Photos!


I've seen a few pictures or information about this version in EXPO, and I consider it a great machine!.

some pictures of my father's Path :smiley_drive: and post yours!

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I had one, burgandy, and wish I had it back today! One of the most reliable cars I ever owned, not most expensive, but a real little do it all that could be counted on anytime. Bulletproof! Wish they were made like this now, small, lighter and even underpowered....lol


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That one from Canada is a turbo diesel JDM import through Outback Imports in Whitehorse, YT. Small and light but I don't know if it is underpowered like the petrol vg30s we had Stateside. :smiley_drive:


I've had my WD21 for coming up on a year now. Its seen a lot of dirt in that year and I have been nothing but impressed by it.

Here are some ExPo approved sample photo's:



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Wish I still had my '88 2-door. I would've kept it forever had it not started rusting out so badly. The rest of it was bullet proof and an awesome looking truck.


My first vehicle was a 93 Pathfinder and in my experience they are tough! However, when I was twenty years old I was involved in a four car pile-up. Where I was the first vehicle to get hit (at 50 mph and I was at a dead stop). A fireman and myself pulled the front finders out of the wheel wells and I drove it for a week before the insurence company took it from me. Even being over a foot shorter it drove fine. They just dont make them like that anymore.


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I'm still waiting with mine. I got it as a "Please take it from me" offer with a good will on receiving a title in time. I picked it up around december 14th and I'm still waiting on a title. The guy moved to Texas and it's titled up in alaska so I can understand. It stinks, but it's worth the wait.

I intend to start making an overlander after I fix the left over issues related to stock equipment. I suspect no more then a leveling kit or maybe a 2 in lift, new wheels and cargo / long range driving capabilities galor.



stock for now, besides reindexed t-bars, plans are to lift the rear with some ome or some progressive springs i have on my other pathy and a roof rack and probably call it good for my light exploring

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I'm all about Pathfinders. I bought my 93XE in 1995 with about 15k miles on it and it has never once failed me, and I have been as deep in the wilderness as you can get over the last 20 years It's completely indestructible and is definitely the most underrated 4x4 ever. I would post some pics but I have no idea how to use this forum yet because I just joined about 10 min ago. When I figure it out, I definitely will thought

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