"WBN 324 Travel Radio" is looking to interview/Hangout with people that are out on their travels


I'm a long time female overlander ( I Love It! ) with my own radio network.
I'm looking to interview/hangout on air with people from the overlanding scene.
My network started based around political talk radio but I'd like to move the brand on to Adventure Travel Radio.
People out on the trail, People behind the scene's that run platforms like this, Maybe your prepping up ready to go? etc etc.
Our aim is to inspire others to go and spread their wings.
WBN 324 has just opened a new telegram chat room for people on the move.
Pop by and let us know if you'd like to share your story or listen to others stories.

Telegram Chat room --> https://t.me/WBN_324_Travel_Radio

Love & Peace always.



Thank you. . Its early day's. So far there are two interview/hangouts lined up from people out on the trailRoad. . I'm really looking forward to speaking with them. .
If you know anyone who would be into coming on the radio let me know. .

Rea. .

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