Wazat campers?


Since the fenders are removable and the wheels ride on the outside of the frame, you could probally modify the suspension and axle, and fit larger wheels. Some new fenders could easily be fabricated. This looks like a much more solid base to build to build off than other models.


Interesting you should find these. I think this is my brother-in-law's add (not sure). He found these after I turned him on to the teardrop trailer idea works with the manufacturer to bring a couple out west to sell each year. He's not a dealer, but does have a working relationship with the manufacturer to sell a few new ones as a means to get some west of the Mississippi.

I can give some brief details, but am not at all involved in them other than seeing them first hand. The designer apparently has been in the RV-building business for quite some time in Indiana (where many RV brands are made). He designed this to be light enough to pull behind Pontiac Fieros (his hobby) - hence the aluminum framing. They really are limited production models (like Mario's Adventure Trailers) and can be customized. They're are not comparable to Mario's design, however. Wazat come in a 4x8, 5x8, and I think a 6x9 series but can be custom ordered. The frames all aluminum and seem well constructed. I think he's even got one design with a clam shell back to allow for a motorcycle to go inside. I believe the payload is 1000# in flatbed mode. There are handles on the corners for lifting the cabin (pod) off. Something like Line-X is used inside for protection. It's set up to use a battery and converter for power with standard household outlets. There is a with a snowmobile trailer-style axle/tires set up that are similar to the Fleetwood's little offroad popup. But I did give feedback that they should really consider offering a high clearance axle with 15" tires. I like them alot. They definitely lean toward the utility side of things but could really be plushed out if necessary. The quality in workmanship seems very good. Doors are solid with quality windows. Again, this is not an advertisement. I'm just passing along my personal observations to fellow teardrop enthusiasts. :wavey: Oh, the name came from someone seeing the teardrop style trailer for the first time and saying "what's that" quickly.


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Wazat Trailers

Hey guys.

My name is Pat. My brother-in-law told me about this forum and I was curious as to who was selling their Wazat on craigslist. Although the ad is no longer their, I think it was one of the ladies who bought one from me last spring. I keep in contact with the people who have bought from me (actually thru me0 and recently one of them was moving to a place that didn't have storage and they were considering selling it. If there is any interest I can probably get more at dealer cost.

A little about me: I live in Colorado and I went looking for a teardrop camper to pull behind my Geo Tracker for hunting and camping when the gas prices limited my use of my Chevy Suburban. I found these guys when I went back home to visit family in Indiana over Thanksgiving '06. I have hauled 7 back in various trips ever since. I had originally planned on visiting the Little Guy there but their prices were twice as much.

A little about the trailers: The pods are totally self contained and could easily be placed on a homemade trailer with desired lift. The original design used the smaller tires because these were intended for small cars which likely would not have any clearance anyway. When I talked to the manufacturer -- a small family run business in Elkhart -- about making a "Colorado" version, I was told that the underwriter wouldn't insure them if they changed the original design for liability reasons. As the trailer frame is very simple, one can easily add a lift kit -- I did it with a piece of 4in tube and some spacers -- and/or change out the axle. The company would just nullify the warranty but, without a large dealer network, that is pretty much useless anyway. :) Besides, there isn't much that can go wrong and if say a hinge breaks or a door falls apart, they would just send you the parts anyway. They would just sell you the pod but you might as well buy the trailer underneath and then resell it.

If anyone is interested, I am returning to Indiana over Easter break. I can buy them wholesale and will pull them back (use a car hauler if 2 are purchased otherwise behind my suburban) to Colorado for gas money. I have a 5wide and a Moto-mate (their 3ft wide motorcycle version) here in Colorado that I will sell for my cost plus my gas.


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wazat pricing

Please contact me directly at pat.mahone-at-comcast-dot-net and let me know what size you are interested in and what options. I will call the factory and get his latest dealer price sheet. I guarantee they are half that of the Little Guy and they are all aluminum construction. (framing and siding)



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Has anyone ever mounted one of these to a pick up chassis? I think a diesel 4x4 truck with one of these on the back instead of a bed would be the hot ticket.