Waterproof Upland Hunting Pants

I’m looking for a pair of good quality, breathable waterproof pants for chasing chukar and Huns. They need to be quiet and give me decent flexibility for tromping around the hills. Durable as well as comfortable. I’m tired of getting my butt wet when I sit down for a breather, and I don’t want to carry an Ensolite pad in the bird bag.

Does anyone have recommendations?
I will answer my own question. After reading reviews and realizing some of my hunting friends had these pants, I narrowed it down to three. Sitka, LL Bean and Orvis. The Orvis pants looked the best constructed given the criteria I felt most important.

On friend had both the Orvis and Bean, and brought them to an event so I could see for myself. The Beans were also good, but noisier. Both are pricy.
I have Carhartt and Columbia pants, and both do a good job in the brush, but notso great in the wet. I’m thinking the Orvis will be my best option.


I have the cabela's waterproof pant and they are just ok. They are a little nosier than I like, but what I have found is that waterproof and breathable should not be used in the same sentence. I seem to get just as wet from sweating as I do from everything else, so only wear them if I know it is going to be wet out. Maybe your solution would be just not to sit down :). But I really am interested to see how the Orvis pants work out for you. I wouldn't mind finding a good "breathable, waterproof pant" to hunt in (I sit down a lot more than I used to).


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Check out the offerings from First lite if you haven't' already. The corrugate or the sawbuck would be water resistant and the seak pants would be completely waterproof. I can speak personally of the corrugate and the seak pants as excellent products.