Water container recs/stowage of them...


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There is a tool made to really tighten down the lids, did you use that? I havent used my containers yet.View attachment 515087
Don't use the tool to tighten the lid, you'll only wind up cracking / splitting the lid in half. Only use the tool for loosening a stuck cap. If your jug is leaking, remove the cap and find the speck of grit that it keeping it from sealing. They're a good sealing design, as long as the v-groove and threads are kept clean and undamaged. Once you mash the lid down on a piece of grit in the seal groove, they'll never not leak again. Not without some careful attention to repair the seal damage.


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Tried to carry a Scepter can on my roof rack horizontal. In 75 miles I lost 1/2 the water, won't do that again.
Sorry but I have to say you either did something wrong or the normal sealing groove of the can was damaged or had some grit stuck in it. There's nothing inherently wrong with their design. A can fresh out of the mold will seal and not leak no matter what position you store / carry it in. We used to jumble them all kinds of ways in the Marines and the only ones that leaked were found to be damaged or not tightened properly.
It's part of their spec, the whole purpose of the spec and the design has been used by NATO militaries for over 30yrs. So whatever your personal experience or decision, they work. Until they don't work. And then you go find a new one and treat it well.


Hey Y'all, I'm about at my wits end with water storage in my jeep. I've just been doing plastic gallon bottles lately as I've had a few different large water containers break or otherwise fail on me on trips... So I was wondering what some other ideas or solutions might be for some of that stuff.

The rotopax water container and rollbar mount for the JKU looks really interesting to me as it gets it out of the way in a place where i don't really have anything currently and might be a solution. I think I'm going to give it a go when the summer rolls around to see if its an effective solution.
I've also tried some of the random blue 4gal containers and that worked out ok for a few trips but then it ended up seeing a minor fall which caused the container to fail, so hopefully something ends up slightly drop proof or at least won't fail the instant it gets miss-handled.

I know the jeep ends up getting kind of tough to mount things into, even more so as a drawer system isn't a good solution for my uses of the truck as I end up hauling bikes and other random junk in the back a lot, I've started work on a rack for the rear cargo space that'll fit over the two action packers i use as my normal camping gear hauling tubs and it'll be removable so I should be able to do mounts to that, but I end up sleeping in the back of the jeep a lot so even that isn't a super great solution and will be used more for day trips than being a permanent solution in that truck.
Another option I've been looking at is something under the rear seats that can come out but I haven't had a ton of luck finding containers that are the right size for the jeep.

Ahhh, oh well back to looking at stuff.


This thread has some solutions that may offer you ideas. https://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/water-container-with-spigot-hose.202781/#post-2636349 My post involves a water bladder for dish & hand washing water, while using a Scepter can for potable water. Best of luck on your hunt!



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It's part of their spec, the whole purpose of the spec and the design has been used by NATO militaries for over 30yrs. So whatever your personal experience or decision, they work. Until they don't work. And then you go find a new one and treat it well.
Yep. That's why I don't buy them used.


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4 Gallon Square Aqua tainer fits very nicely in a standard milk crate.. the milk crate provides a very nice and durable outer layer of protection
Highly underrated solution in my opinion.

I use 7 gallon aquatainers in milk crates, but the 4 gallon jugs allow for stacking. As stated, the jug is protected by the crate and then you can flip the crate over and use as a stand for the jug. The crates are easy to lash down and very sturdy. Aquatainers come with a spigot, have a robust screw on vent, don't leak and are available everywhere.

Simple, effective and cheap - what's not to like about that?

Oh, and the humble milk crate is also a handy dandy 20 lb. propane tank carrier as well...


$34 for a 10L. What a damned ripoff. A 20L mil-spec MWC direct from LCI is $23.99. Buy DIRECT from LCI. The LCI on Amazon is not LCI, and they're charging $50 for the 5gal.
But do they even have the 10L?
Sometimes it's more important to get the specific size needed rather than the biggest+best deal. Personally I'm moving away from 5gal jugs just because they're so unwieldly when in camp. I'd rather have two 2.5gal, or even just one since on short trips I rarely need a full 5 gallons.

Anyway my point being that often in the camping world you're paying a premium for smaller specialty products that don't have huge production runs. It's not really surprising that a specialty half size scepter tanks costs more and it could still be worth the price.


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Your profile says Utah. I'm in SoCal. And yet you think 2.5gal of water is enough? 'short trips'. In a desert. ok, I'm out.


I'm in Socal and camp in the deserts and I'm also looking at the 10L scepters for many of the same reasons Kerensky mentioned. Easier to handle, more options for storage, redundancy in case one leaks. I'd rather have 2 10L scepters stored upright side by side than a single 20L that i'd have to lay on it's side and risk leaking. If you're looking for optimum price/volume ratio you might as well get a 100 gallon RV water tank.

I'd rather have 2 10L scepters than a single 20L or larger container just for the lighter weight alone. I came from using the 7 gallon aquatainers, they never leaked on me but carrying them to and from the car was a huge pain. There was no way anyone else in the family was gonna lift one. The 20L cans are a little more manageable, but not by much. At least with the smaller containers my kids are able to move them around and lift them if needed. Rarely do I need more than 10L available at a single sitting, breaking them up into smaller containers just makes things easier as i can leave most of the water in the car and only take out what I need at the time.

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I got my 10 L scepter from Lexington container.... the price seemed high initially but then i expect that someone will inherit it after I go to the great campground in the sky...
One does well for me in the tent with a Scepter 20 L or 2 to refill it for longer trips.
If you want really cheap water carriers consider reliance brand, or reused fruit drink jugs... I will stick with Scepter myself.

Buy once; buy good stuff then use it forever... (my steel, 10 L, french wine tins are from 1957, and still work fine for water.. I like the 10 L scepter better)
Be aware that there are 20L water carriers out there; visually nearly identical, made from thinner plastic, at least the one that I looked at closely, (not mil spec, not Scepter)... cheaper than Lexington's price.

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Your profile says Utah. I'm in SoCal. And yet you think 2.5gal of water is enough? 'short trips'. In a desert. ok, I'm out.
LOL! It totally depends on what you're doing and how much water you use/waste on your trips. I come from a backpacking background growing up. Desert backpacking, where you have to haul multiple days worth of water. So hauling that water weight on your feet makes you very "water wise".

The good thing is that even in the desert you're rarely more than 20 miles from a water source. Having a vehicle makes that distance a short jaunt rather than a 2 day trek; so for me having 2.5 gallons is a cake walk. And keep in mind when I have my vehicle, most drinking water is coming from water and soda out of the cooler. The 2.5gal is mostly cooking/cleaning use (and emergency peace of mind). The only time I need to fill a full 5 gallons is on 5 day plus "expeditions" where I won't be near civilization for most of the week. But honestly even then I rarely go through half of it; for 4 day trips or less 2.5gal is fine. If you're camping in established campgrounds instead of boondocking even that is mostly just "emergency coolant" for the truck.

I've got videos online of multi-day treks through White Rim, the Maze, Great Basin Playas, San Rafael Swell if you want to see. I think the key factor is I absolutely don't waste water. Camp Showers, Folding camp sinks, etc. none of that is needed. Just luxuries that you will need to carry more water for.
Even though you have a full truck with literal tons of cargo think like a backpacker and limit water to ingestion only; top off when you can, and use water from multiple sources as they come available. You'll be amazed at how well you can live off the land.


I have 4 of the 10L and a couple of the 20L. 10Ls are way easier to load/unload, and less awkward to handle. I bring the 20L only if I'm going to use a shower.