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Well, bobDog get back to me when you are out in the boonies and your batteries die or your phone breaks. I will gladly give you the time from my twenty-five jewel swiss movement watch.



I work event security for a large multi-national org and I often work in locations where my cell phone loses signal (even in 2011 we don't have signal everywhere) that and working events I am checking my phone all the time. It would be nice just to look at my wrist and not reaching into a pocket for my phone every few min.

I understand though. I have not worn a watch (except for camping and skiing) for almost 10 years now. That is why I'm after a new one. Mine is pretty beat.

  • I'm leaning to wards the luminox 0201 blackout. Anyone have one?

So far I have looked at:
  • 5.11's - cool watches, always wondered about them since they came out
  • G-Shock's - I like them, but the ones I have tried on are a bit thick and look like they would snag easy
  • Suunto Core - Still want one of these, but I don't think I would use all the features enough since I already carry a Garmin 60CSx backpacking so I have compass, altimeter and other things covered.
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Just got a Timex Expedition Rugged Core watch. It's really light weight, and not too pricey, so I'm not cringing when it gets scuffed, etc.
- Andy


YEA! Me too.......who freakin needs a watch!
Were you traumatized by a watch as a kid? You really don't seem to like them. In which case I have to ask, why did you even open this thread? You sure won't find me opening any thread on mushrooms.:)

Back on topic, today I'm sporting this



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I feel naked without a watch.
I only take it off to:
do dishes
otherwise it is on all the time.


Ive been wearing my Swiss Army Cavalry watch for the past 10 years and it has accompanied me on more outdoor trips than I can count. The silver on black makes it easy to read with a quick glance, and isnt too flashy.

Unfortunately all of the miles have taken their toll and mine is finally starting to die. Apparently this model is discontinued, but I luckily managed to find a new old stock unit for sale as its replacement. :)


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My wife got this for my B-day this year after I broke my citizen world time watch (8yrs).

I have to say that I absolutely love this thing. I can read it in pitch black better than a freshly charged glow in the dark watch.


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Last week I picked up this Suunto Advizor from ebay.

Im pretty sure that Ill be buying a Core soon as well.


I found a used Suunto Vector (foliage) for $85. It needs a new strap. That seems like a pretty good deal. I am having trouble comparing it to the Luminox 0201 Blackout though. How big of a watch is the Vector? I've tried on the core and its almost a little big for an everyday watch.


I used to go for the big multifunction digital watches, but recently I've been going more towards slim watches.

I have a few Skagen watches, all of them are super light (titanium) and very low profile. I never take them off, and I've only scratched one of them on some granite.


My big boy watch is an Omega, but I leave it at home when camping and non-business travel. For everything else I have a Victorinox and a black plastic job (dunno, casio?).

I absolutely hate using a cell phone as a watch, but my blackberry makes a good alarm clock.