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What are you guys wearing? How long have you had it and how is it holding up? I am looking for a new watch after my scratch and dent REI highgear watch died last week. I've had good luck with Timex, but I want something more "adult" looking that I can wear to work and out on the trail. I need something that will handle abouse.

I've been looking into g-shock watches. I like the Atomic clock and solar features. I travel alot for work so one less thing to adjust to local time when I land would be nice. Also really like the negative face look (black with white/silver numbers).

What are you all using and how does you like them? I'd like to stay under $150 it its possible, but I can move around a bit on the price for the right tool.


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I bought a Luminox Navy Seal Colormark a few years back to replace another watch that I still have, but no longer wear.

The Luminox has gas lights built in that illuminate the dial and hands all the time, no need for sunlight to charge them like other watches.

The gas lights put out a lot of light so you can see the dial/hands very easily when it is dark out.

My intentions were to use it as my work watch, and my other one for non work.
I like the Luminox so well it is the only watch I have worn now for the past few years.

It gets bumped and scraped against things at work, and it looks like the day I bought it, zero wear on it.

The original band broke, I now have a better one for it.

I also like how simple it is, just a date on it and a second hand.


I bought a Suunto X-Lander about 7 years ago. I was going through other watches like crazy. I decided to go with one that had something other than metal for the battery cover. I've had this one for 7 years and have replaced the battery only twice. It's more than $150, but an amazing watch. It keeps great time and is super tough.


Searching finds a couple threads on watches...

If you search "watches" you'll find comparisons and input on a variety of specific models.

My "man-diamonds:" Suunto Vector, Marathon Diver, Seiko Diving Watch, and Omega Submariner.
Awesome, thanks. I'll just look through those. Thanks everyone else for your responses. I really like Luminox's and I might have to bite the bullet and throw down some carsh for one. Suunto's are also great, I used to sell them, but could not afford the one I wanted (Core, all black)

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A bit more than $150, I wear a Hamilton Khaki Aviator (yes, I am a pilot) Automatic watch. Been through two leather watch bands since I bought it in 2005 and the black painted increments and numbers on the outer E6B calulator have worn away. Everybody thinks its a Brietling...


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For in today's world, no less being out in the boonies, who for God's sakes needs a watch? Paleeeeeze I got rid of mine when my cell phone was as big as a brick. Honestly....what would you do with it???? Check some ones pulse? Get into the 2011's + some plus some. I plan to never own a watch again.....same goes for a typewriter. Give me a break!!!


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Okay I have been corrected by my kids....evidently there are many cool watch's out there that serve many uses. Fantasic.....I still have absolutely no use for a watch....but I stand corrected......:coffeedrink:


I had a Highgear that died on me recently. I replaced it with a Suunto Core. So far I love it. The altimeter is much more accurate than the Highgear was, the display is better, and it's lower profile.

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