Washington Backcountry Discovery Route (WABDR) 2016 *** Pictures and Video***


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Last August I packed my Wife, two small children and our Australian shepherd into the Jeep JK Unlimited for an 8 day adventure through the Washington backcountry. For those unfamiliar with the route, its a 575 mile trip through the Cascade Mountains. Mostly dirt roads starting near the Oregon boarder and finishing at the Canadian boarder town of Night Hawk. We planned 8 days in order to enjoy the amazing scenery.




pano ranier.jpg

jeep clif.jpg

Day two we got stuck in 2 wheel drive. The plastic piece that holds the transfer case shifter to the cable turned to powder. A few zip ties and some wire latter and we were good to go.


Lake Chelan


Burnt forest that went all the way down to the lake and took some homes out.

chelan burnt forest.jpg

One of our remote camp sites. After this point we didn't see people on the trail again for 3 days.




Backcoutry Discover Routes is an adventure motorcycle non-profit that has turned out great trips all over the US. We purchased a map from them as well as downloaded the free GPS tracks.



Very cool! Thanks for sharing! We are planning this trip on our dual sports next year, hopefully we make the time for it! We always find ourselves on a weekend trip somewhere along the route each year.



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I have to say... When i bought the RTT I had no idea how much the family would enjoy the long days traveling on the dirt. I try to keep it under 6hrs of drive time when on the dirt and it seems to work out perfectly. Kids love it. This year im hoping to get down to Death Valley or Baja. I was thinking first week of April. Seems like weather would be ideal?


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Thanks for sharing!!! My wife and I are hoping to move to WA or OR in 2017 (depending how the job offers pan out), so this was great to see. Thanks!!!!


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If you live in WA you could do weekend trips throughout the summer and enjoy each section to its fullest. There are side roads on bethel ridge that I have to go back and camp on.