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You have been warned!

Now, onto my question. After seeing so many amazing pictures, and hearing about this technique, I've finally decided to ask about it. Im not even sure what its called exactly, but I believe its either HDP or HDR. I'd like to know more about that, and any general photography tips from all you awesome photogs out there in the great depths of ExPo.



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HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. The intent if trying to stay natural is to be able to display a wide range of light from dark shadows to bright sky as an example. The process can also be used artistically to generate some way out there surreal images if that is your goal.

To generate an HDR image you are using software to combine different exposures of the same image.

Here's a link to a thread that has pointers to more detailed tutorials if your interested.



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also if you search here on ExPo for "HDR" in the Photography section, you will pick up a LOT of tips and info. There are some excellent HDR images in the "artistic photos" thread, and there have been numerous discussions with a wealth of resources and links posted in them.