Warn VR Series steel vs. synthetic models: Is the line the only difference?


Bought a Warn VR 10,000 with steel cable. Time to replace the line, want to go to synthetic. The VR 10,000-S comes with 100' of 3/8 line. Can I assume these are no differences between the two models, the line being the only change? Or is there something I'm missing, like, do the different types of line attach to the drum differently, for instance?

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Occasionally the drums are different. Thicker usually.

* A quick look at the VR10000 shows the drum diameter on the Synthetic is .15" larger than the Steel cable one.
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Interesting. Thanks. Really helpful. I'm sure they did that for a reason. Doesn't seem like much, but I wonder if thats large enough that I'd have to run a shorter length of synthetic line on my orginally-stell-cabled model, than the 100' that comes standard on the "S" model from the factory?

Edit: Duh, that should mean I should actually be ok in terms of overall length, no? Now I'm confusing myself. Which admittedly doesn't take much.


There's a thread on here about the very question that someone from WARN answered. Seems there was something about the way the synthetic rope gripped the drum also necessitated a different drum. I'd bet a call to WARN would get the answer you needed.


Well, I was the WARN guy here (I took a new job). There is no difference in the way the rope attaches to the drum. I also believe the drums are the same on the VR. You can call Warn Customer Service at 800-543-9276 to confirm, however.



Thanks guys. I appreciate the replies. Shoulda just thought of that in the first place. (calling Warn)


I have the same which and thought about the change. Let me know what you find out seeing that you are calling.

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I hope it doesn't make much difference. I just pulled my wire rope off today and ordered their Spydura rope. Got a great deal and couldn't pass it up.


I swapped synthetic line to my M8000, same length as the steel one was. Never an issue, attached the same with a small eyelet.


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It's not how the rope attaches to the drum, it's how it reacts under load.

Steel grips the drum. Synthetic is slicker and cinches down on the drum, compressing/distorting it in the process. This can be a problem with internally-braked winches, and the reason for the thicker drum (to resist distortion)


I just wonder why/if a stainless steel drum would be better for the synthetic? My winches are outside all the time and thus exposed to the elements. Every time I do routine maintenance, I notice more and more surface rust on the drum. Yes I sand it down and repaint when the flakes are big, but wonder if stainless would be a good fix for this?