Warn or Superwinch--Need advice.


I'm looking at pulling the trigger on a winch in the next couple days.

I've looked at the Warn 8000 and plan to put synthetic line on it, with the Aluminum Hawse Fairlead. Weight about 50 +/-, cost 750$+/-.
I've also looked into the Superwinch EP9.0 that is already set up with synthetic and fairlead, through Winchline.com. Weight is 75 +/-, and cost is 800$.

I'm mentally debating this and I'm leaning toward the Warn for the weight loss. Looking for some real world users to chime in.

Thanks in advance


Not sure if you're dead set on those two choices, but check out some reviews on the T-maxx 9000lb winch. Summit also has a rebadged T-maxx 9,000 for even less.


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Superwinch...I was having the same debate and the thing that really made up my mind was the lower amp draw and the external break (ie no drum heating issues). That's my $.02

Wish I had actually gone ahead and bought it but a transmission is just a little bit more important. LOL

Alaska Mike

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I lean towards Warn for parts availability (in the states at least) and track record. The Warn M8000 has a pretty decent unloaded line speed, which is a nice thing. You should probably limit your cable/rope to 80' on the M8000 to avoid binding during side pulls.

Either way I don't think you can really go wrong- they're both well-engineered products.


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Warn... reliable, available parts, and a lifetime warranty. Thats pretty substantial to me.


Thanks for the advice. Spending spree manana. Looks like Warn will be the choice. Gotta luv that lifetime warranty . :wings:


i dont know if you bought one yet but i can only say one thing W A R N,

warn warn warn warn warn trust me i have used and sold them all, except mile marker. t max, superwinch, ramsey, harbor freight. im glad i have a warn its dependable, never craps out.

camel trophy did use super winch, but i think that was more of a sponsership thing. however they also used warn. for a couple of their adventures.

the only time i have seen a warn give it up is when some one was using an ATV winch to pull his pathfinder. it was a weight thing. course he replaced the warn with a bigger ATV super winch, so im sure that was more of an operator error.

hope all goes well.


i sell both but i am not sure how a lifetime warranty will help you when your winch fails in the middle of a trip or pull.

Also, the lifetime warranty is not exactly what you would expect. Warn has several disclaimers on their internal policy that will limit what you can get and how long you can get it. For instance, water damage will be good for one motor, then you pony up for the next one.

Also consider, Superwinch has 100% load holding force with their EP9000 series which Warn does not. Like I said, I have sold both. Warn was recently bought by a larger company (in the past year or so) and I have seen troubling design and material combinations on their lower end products. If you get a Warn, get nothing less than their TI, M, or 9.5xp series if you want to count on it when you are hanging on a sluice at 20-30 degrees. Both make a good product but imho the ep 9 at like $600 is equivalent to the TI and look at the price diff. Food for thought... For reference i use both...don't want to start a civil winch war...


Camel Trophy had the pick of any winch they wanted and they chose Superwinch. I
I also believed that CT always chose Superwinch but I was just watching the Camel Trophy Madagascar video and the rigs have Warn winches (the emblems can be clearly seen). Also warn gloves can be seen being worn by several ppl...so now I'm not sure.


I am currently using a 9.5xp Warn because I got a deal on it I couldn't refuse. If I was shopping for new I would be looking long and hard at the Superwinch with the external brake. I think it is a fundamentally better idea particularly with synthetic rope. If weight was not a concern and ultimate durability was than the Superwinch Husky hands down.

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I also believed that CT always chose Superwinch but I was just watching the Camel Trophy Madagascar video and the rigs have Warn winches (the emblems can be clearly seen). Also warn gloves can be seen being worn by several ppl...so now I'm not sure.

WARN was absolutely used during certain years of the Camel Trophy.


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Superwinch fan boy here, but not knocking Warn at all. I ran a Talon 9.5 on my FJ. Very fast pulls, and would run under water. Never failed under several really tough pulls. I recently purchased a 12.5 Talon with synthetic line for our Sportsmobile. I went with it because of experience we had with our other Superwinch. As long as you go with a HD model I think you'll do well with either one.