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The ONLY winch I trust my life, and rig with!

I had another brand of winch years ago. I was never happy with it. I had to work on it often, and it was incredibly slow. I then moved up to Warn. I have owned quite a few, and always had been happy with them. I currently have a XD9000i, and a M8000. I just ordered a couple of parts for my M8000 to make it like new. Another thing I like about Warn, every part is available for purchase. I also just purchased the Warn Premium Lock-out hubs for my 1982 Jeep CJ8 Scrambler. Strong, and beautiful! Thanks Warn for great products, and for sponsoring this forum. Oh yeah, Warn has the coolest logo in the world! :wings:


How sweet of a deal could you all do for some synthetic line? I have a steel line on my winch now
and I would like to loose some weight and some worry!

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Wondering if the warn rep can swing a deal for the newest Warn Winch on the market. My new JK needs a winch. How course that JK is an Axial SCX10.

RC4WD 1/10 Warn 9.5cti Winch

One of the most iconic names in off-road. This is an all new RC4WD 1/10 Warn 9.5cti winch. This winch offers ultra scale looks, and superior quality and craftsmanship. Officially Licensed by Warn.


Cast Aluminum Case
Stamped Steel Components
Working Spring Loaded Warn Hook
Synthetic Winch Rope
Highly Detailed
Full Warn Decals Installed
Voltage: 6v to 11.1v
Can operate on 3 Cell Lipo
Easily Rebuildable
3ft/.9M Rope Pre-Installed
30 Day Warranty
Length: 2.9in / 73.68mm
Total Width: 1.25in / 31.75mm
Height: 1.31in / 33.56mm
Weight: 2.1oz / 60g

What's Included:

1x RC4WD 1/10 Warn 9.5cti Winch
4x M2.5x4mm SHCS (Black) (Z-S0760)
4x M2.5x6mm SHCS (Black) (Z-S0855)
1x Warn Decal Sheet

Required Parts:

RC4WD Warn 1/10 Wireless Remote/Receiver Winch Controller Set (Z-S1092)
RC4WD Wired Winch Control Unit (Z-S1089)

Replacement Parts:

Replacement Motor/Gearbox for Warn 9.5cti 1/10 Winch (Z-E0051)
1/10 Warn Hook (Z-S1011)
Synthetic Winch Rope (Z-S0038)

Replacement Hardware:

4x M2x5mm FHSC (Silver)
2x M2x4mm SHCS (Silver) (Z-S0927)
2x M2x6mm SHCS (Silver) (Z-S0994)
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As an off-road race photographer, my job is to be in the right place for the action; I see a lot of crashes and disabled vehicles. My Warn M10000 gets used quite often. Unfortunately, this driver did not know how to winch. He was unable to get his truck back on all fours and he kinked my cable; argh!



Damn, what did he do wrong?
I was too busy doing my job taking photos. He spooled the cable out and then pulled cable with a bunch of slack in the line. The cable had a loop in it on the drum. His winching technique was to bump it instead of pulling. All they did was spin the truck in a circle until you would have had to go on the course to flip them over; not safe to do that.


I gotz dis
^Wow, that's kind of like a "shame" moment right there, ya?? Hopefully the kink isn't too bad. Good to know you're running the M10K. May I ask how long you've had it? Any plans to change to rope?

Is this thread used to request quotes on winches? What is the username of the rep?

Warn Industries

Supporting Vendor

Have you seen the WARN Ascent Bumpers? We offer them for full-size Chevrolet, Ford, and Ram pickups. Here is some info:

• Angled design sits high, to maintain maximum ground clearance and approach angles
• Winch ready - accepts most WARN mid-frame (footdown) winches up to 12,000 pounds: ZEON and ZEON Platinum, 9.5cti, 9.5 xp, XD9000i, XD9000, M8000, and VR winches.
• Bumper features integrated dual light ports to mount auxiliary flood or spot sights (lights sold separately)
• Welded recovery points, ready for D-shackles (sold separately)
• Durable black textured powder coat over 11-gauge steel withstands rigorous salt spray testing, delivering up to 2X corrosion protection
• Bumper accommodates oversize tires
• Easy to install - Pre-drilled bolt holes and cutouts make it easy to mount a WARN winch, even after bumper install
• Designed to fit 2014 - 15 model year Ford F150; 2015 Super Duty F250 & F350; 2015 Ram 1500,2500 & 3500; and 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500,2500 & 3500

Full info at:


- Andy


Thanks for your support. I just purchased a Warn winch for my CJ7. Along with a new front bumper, light bar, and the winch I await delivery. I can hardly wait to get it installed and tested.

Thanks again.

Warn Industries

Supporting Vendor
Thanks for your support. I just purchased a Warn winch for my CJ7. Along with a new front bumper, light bar, and the winch I await delivery. I can hardly wait to get it installed and tested.

Thanks again.
Thanks for your business—we appreciate it! Love to see pics when it's done!

- Andy

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Comanche Scott

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Thanks for decades of excellent products!

Just dropped in to see what the full size community is doing, and saw that you all are a sponsor here. That's awesome!

I've had great experiences with Warn winches for three decades. Currently sporting a 9.5cti on the Wrangler, that gets lots of use. Everything from pulling out stuck farm equipment, to clearing land, to helping get buddies unstuck on the trail. The more it gets used, the better I get at using it. Practice may not make perfect, but it sure builds confidence.
There is a lot to be said for the peace of mind, knowing your winch will work well when it's really needed.

For the first time I'm using the Warn Winch support kit instead of the "milk crate of stuff" that was always a tangled, greasy, dirty mess. I've added two more blocks, and a couple of tree savers for reverse winching, and for doing off angle stuff.
This Jeep came from the factory with the Jeep/Warn trail snatch kit, that is all Warn stuff as well. I've added a second Bow Ring, an extension strap, and a folding shovel.
It all fits in the bags, and is so darned convenient, especially compared to the milk crate version... lol
So awesome to just grab the bag needed, and get to work.

Thanks for continuing to make exceptional products right here in the Good old U.S. of A.
Best wishes for continued success. :beer: