WANTED Used Mitsubishi Fuso FG 4x4

Hi All,

It is my first post here and we are looking to build our overland dream vehicle. We have most things lined up and ready to go by way of suppliers for the gear we need for the build but are missing one vital part.....

The Chassis! We are looking to by a use Mitsubishi Fuso FG 4x4 as the base for our project and are willing to travel anywhere in Canada and the US to get it.

So far my searches have come up with nothing at all or brand new vehicles which are outside of our price range for our first self-build.

If anyone knows of one for sale I would welcome a push in the right direction.

I found this while browsing my local Craigslist: https://ctequipmenttraders.com/inventory/2001-fuso-mitsubishi-4x4-box-truck/

I'm not sure how involved replacing the second gear syncros would be... but 8k seems pretty decent price wise.
Be easiest to install a used transmission. Money for trans! While the trans is out, now would be the time to do other work (clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing, pilot bushing etc). More money for clutch replacement!

Don't forget to spend extra to fix the AC. Momma and kids need AC. Also the vehicle has split rims. Add more money to change to non-split rim wheels.

Wish the used truck sales person would put more detail what is wrong with it, what needs repaired. With a gas engine - you do a compression test. Check the diesel compression, test the injection pump? What else? Money pit ...
Hi all, thanks to all those who replied, i am please to say we got one!! Now the build of our expedition vehicle begins ;o) I will start a thread showing progress as it unfolds ;o)