Wanted!! Trailer Frame for truck bed


I am looking for a trailer frame that will hold a 2018 Ram 2500 truck bed. Needs to be serviceable and in good shape, or repairable. Off roadable and able to support 40" tires, so good suspension. Even If your a fabricator or top notch welder lets chat!

In California SF bay area


Hmm, I might have something perfect for you.

2x5x14ga outer frame and tongue, 48” wide x over 8’ (+a bit) long deck, 3500lb Timbren axel-less suspension with brakes and a 4” drop . I even have wheel spacers to run 37” HWMVV wheels. This should fit a pickup bed perfectly. Leaves some deck in front of the bed for a storage box or a spare tire.

Tongue is decked with diamond plate ending in a 2” receiver hitch

Length of bed to back bumper may vary from truck bed dimensions, but anything can be modified to work.