Wanted to steal one


My commuter train passes by a truck yard each morning. On the way home last night there were 6 of the Canadian Army's new G-wagon's loaded on 2 flatbeds sitting in the yard. I had to check them out so drove by on the way home. Gate to the yard wasn't closed so in I went. These things are freakin awesome. All 6 were toasted. One was in a front end collision, another had obviously been rolled, a third was simply spraypainted with a big X and the words "no start", etc. Talked to a guy to find out if they were there to be reparied or what (the place is also a truck garage), and he said they were on the way up to CFB Borden. Said they just came in from Montreal but he wasn't sure if that's where they were wrecked or if they had come from Afganistan. He joked they're probably going to Borden to be used as target practice now. God I hope not, that would be such a shame and waste.


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At my old base in Meaford, we have a huge pile of them. Maybe 15-20 of them and they are amazing.

If they were damaged, very possible they have been brought in from afghanistan to be fixed.

of course they won't be used for 'target practice' lol