Wanted: 2nd Generation Mitsubishi Montero 5-speed


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New to the forum! I am selling my 1986 Isuzu Trooper 2-door for a more family friendly overlander.

I am looking for a clean second-generation Mitsubishi Montero with the elusive 5-speed manual.

Projects are OK as long as they are not exceedingly rusty (I can deal with some rust.) Willing to pay to ship the right truck.

I am located in Rhode Island. Thank you!

Conversation started. Perfect timing as I was planning on posting for sale within the next few weeks.

Clean rust free 1995. 245k miles with a remanufactured engine and new oem clutch at 190k. Timing belt and all associated parts getting done right now (in prep for posting for sale here). New ball joints, bilstein 4600 shocks, sway bar bushings, etc. all done within 5,000 miles. Firestone 265/75r16 AT2 maybe 2,000 miles on them. 4 x16 inch wheels are from a montero sport. I do have 5 x 15 inch original wheels with old 31x10.5 tires mounted. We can negotiate which wheels/tires you may want.

Just passed smog with flying colors in CA before going in for the timing belt service. I'm located in San Diego. I've had the truck since 2018 and only drive it on the weekends for road trips. Never any hardcore offroading, I've got a dirt bike for that.

Exterior has some scratches and some drops of sap stuck on, but no fading paint or dents/body damage. Interior is as good as these get for being a 1995 with 240,000 miles. Pics to come.
Surface rust on the trailer hitch and some surface rust on the frame, but no serious rust at all. Every bolt I’ve come across on this truck has been easily removed with hand tools. I can get some undercarriage pics later.

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