Want to buy, WAZAT Camper Trailer- Base Model


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Ok. I have been in communication with Scenic and they are working with me, however it is a 2014 model and I am paying 5200 plus shipping, it has an A/C which is nice , but I can purchase a 2016 with no A/C however it has extra big windows for 5995 plus shipping.

Of course shipping is more from the manufacturing company cause it is more miles to transport!

Your thoughts, I am ready to move forward!


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I have the older model with the 13 inch wheels. It would be fine if it did not have the extra storage box in the rear which makes it about 8 inches.

The newer version with taller 14 inch wheel is much better.

The mfg folks are great however. If you called and requested the 14 inch wheels and no rear storage box you likely would have more than a foot.

I have considered mod ding mine with a new axle and wheel combo but because it pulls so well and I confine my driving to campsites to bad FS roads or grass fields like at Expo East I have never found it to be an issue.

It is not a serious off road trailer but then again my wife (reason I bring the trailer) is not going with me if I need more clearance than it provides.

I can tel you however it is a great bit of kit to camp and explore from.


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Thanks, i wanted to know since the extreme and the Wazat seem to have about the same ground clearance, some people have done a 2 inch blocks and bigger tires while using the same axle just to give them a little more clearance. As soon as i get mine I will get possibly a new axle, I want to be able to fit 29" all terrain tires on 15" wheels. I am at a point were the wife health issues are more important and need to keep her in comfort! I am getting the A/C and LED TV/DVD plus heater to keep her happy, oh! and a great set of speakers! LOL I am trying to stay on campsites, but sometimes I need to venture Offroad and no need for a big trailer behind me!

The main reason I been keeping an eye for the Wazat is the design very different and seems more aereo dynamic plus the all aluminum design for light weight and longevity!


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On mine you cannot go beyond a 14 inch tire as the fender opening is to small.

As for comfort we have had several trips that were over a weeks duration. Never cold, never hot and my only issue in 3 years is burned out light bulb.

I am considering a more off road trailer but will not sell my microlite.


I would be very interested in a Wazat if one ever pops up in the PNW ( Pacific Northwest )
Thanks LAT for the thread, did not know these existed.


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There is a 2009 that just popped up on craigslist for $2500.

BUT it's in MA.


Thanks, yes I did talk to them and they changed their minds, her son is keeping the Trailer.

I talk to them today in the afternoon, got their address to send cashiers check, got a bid from Uship and then I got a text explaining what they decided! Bummer next time! or I may be buying new soon!