Wandering the West in a pickup


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I enjoyed my time in the area around Jackson hole. I definitely didnt like that the whole place felt like a rich yuppy western getaway. Downtown is almost as gorgeous as the surrounding wilderness and I did find decent parking for the truck. I wont return for the town, but absolutely will for the national park.



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I'm having trouble getting all my pictures to load but I can post a few. If you would like to hear about the trip in more detail I will try and go more in depth in posts. Also, feel free to ask any questions about where I have been if you are planning your next adventure.

I was in Yellowstone for about 3 days and saw almost the entire parks main sights and drove 85% of it. I did not do as much hiking as I would have liked as I was sick. I continued south into the Grand Tetons as I began feeling better. I definitely preferred the Tetons (warmer weather helped). Again, as I tried to do in all the national parks I visit, I hit up all the major touristy spots and some less traveled. The most offroading I was able to do in the region was a dirt road (very rough though do able in any 4wd SUV or truck) off of the Moose-Wilson road up to the White Grass Ranger Station. From here I took the uphill hike to the Phelps Lake overlook. I saw my first ever moose is the Tetons and at the time of year I went (late Aug-Eary Sept) the weather was great. That being said, be prepared to share the roads and trails with a LOT of visitors.

I spent the night before at the Gros Ventre Campground and honestly would probably stay there again if I ever return here. I hate paying for campsites, but it is what it is.

Also, I went to see the National Museum of Wildlife art and was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED. The charge to enter is between 10-13 bucks when I went. which was ridiculous when you consider half the museum was closed as they were moving exhibits. The ones they did have open were good but just a little bit underwhelming in my opinion, so unless art is really your thing, I wouldn't suggest it.

After spending the evening checking out downtown Jackson I hit the road south to find a campsite. I shouldve known to look early than I did, because it took me about 20 miles, 6 NF campgrounds, and until about 9pm to find a site. So, learn from my mistakes and be prepared.


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From here, I went in to Idaho, bound for Idaho Falls (simply because I wanted to). I took the Swan Valley Highway and I must say the region is one of the most gorgeous places Ive driven through. Open roads, good speed limits, lakes, mountains, and open ground.

Here are pictures of the Idaho sign and the Temple in Idaho Falls. Stupidly, these are the only images of Idaho I took.



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After exploring the Black Hills I continued west to Devil's Tower. I can't speak on much about. I was just there to walk the short trail around it, take some pictures, and leave. I didn't camp at the NPS campground. I drove 40 min SW to Keyhole state park. I would definitely recommend staying here. Very quiet, not expensive. From there I went to the Little Bighorn battlefield. This is of course late August but while I was there it was extremely windy and about 56°. I just drove around the battlefield and went in the visitors center. If you are a history nerd like me you'd appreciate stopping by, but bring a jacket.

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