Walmart - Close Out Ammunition Sale


Kapitis Indagatoris
Just FYI. I ve been in two Walmarts along the Colorado front-range and found that they are closing out some of their pistol/revolver ammunition. At both stores the clerks stated that they were no longer going to carry handgun ammo. Who knows........I purchased all their remaining stock of 9mm federal 200 rds for $25.00, 380 federal 200 rds for $25.00, .38 Winchester 50 rds $10.00, 357 Winchester 50 rds $15.00 and .40 fed. 200 rds for $30.00. Its all fmj and brass casings. Your results may vary and the Longmont and Broomfield are now sold out........goodluck


I read they are getting rid of handgun and "assault" rifle ammo (e.g. 5.56.) Curious as to whether .223 will be considered hunting rounds.