Wall Mounted Vent Fan


Hi All - After a few years of van use, I didn't think we needed or wanted a roof vent, so i didn't install one during our last rebuild. I am looking to put in a fan now after our last 10 day trip and the van getting stale with 2 humans and 200 lbs. of dog. I don't want to cut into the finished ceiling now. My thought is to put in a window blank on the driver side rear cargo window and hang a fan vertically. Does anyone know why this wouldn't work? Can the fans take a side load? I did quick online searches but haven't been able to locate any mounting instructions for the common brands that say not to do this...


nomadic man
I saw a Chevy G30 van that the guy installed a Maxxair vent fan in the rear door window.
He said it worked fine that way.


Engineer In Residence
Maxxfans can be mounted sideways, but they may loose their open-in-rain feature. There are also many marine vents which can be side mounted.


I just have to ask... Is that 1 dog @ 200 LBS???
Ha, no no no. The house rule is no dogs heavier than my wife. We have a lab/great dane mix and a lab/mastiff mix that are both a large build. They are slightly under that 200# mark but they hit it fast when its not biking season and they arent running frequently.