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This is to chronicle the build of the (what I venture anyways) first offroad oriented outback. Take it for what you will, but that’s what I am categorizing it in. It is meant to basically go anywhere a jeep/fj/4runner whatever will go, and be self sufficient. By the end of this there will be drawers for camping supplies, hot water pressurized shower, and a whole host of other things to make this an amazing "overlanding" vehicle.

First off, a little guide for you. All the images are hosted on my flickr. If I do some reorganizing and jazz, some images may disappear, just give me a heads up, and I will fix the links to make sure they show alright. Next, if you have any questions, concerns, elaborations, suggestions, feel free to interject. There is always another/better way to do it and I am open to the help. Eventually this will be an actual webpage (just gotta do it) with details, pictures, video etc etc. Chime in and lets make it fun!
So, why an outback? I have owned a decently built JK 4dr (2.5" lit, 33s, skids, onboard air, rock sliders etc etc etc) and loved offroading. It was quite fun. The ride sucked, MPG (ok, doesn’t really matter to me, but it may to others) really sucked iwth 33s not regeared and loaded down, and it was noisy, temperatures were weird inside because of the top and a host of other things. I wanted something better. When i was in Saudi Arabia, i had a chance to work on a friend's outback and take it out quite a bit. He wanted a fun desert camping car. I outfitted it with about 3" of lift, all adjustable control arms, some custom bits and bobs and it was awesome. It was a tank that went through anything. But not only that, it was comfy, quiet, and just worked. I wanted it. Fast forward to a year later, I am back in the USA. I make a line to the Subaru Dealer and test drive the forester and the outback. I settled on the outback, mainly because of ride quality and was on my merry way.

Make sure you check out the new WWW.OFFROADSUBARU.COM
I am working with other Subaru lovers to build a repository of Trip reports, reviews, products we use, our modification lists with links to everything we have, How to articles and other things. If you would like to be a contributor, own a Subaru (or would even like to do some product reviews of what you use) drop me a message!

Running Tally of Parts and cost:
Car: 27,800
Yakima Load warrior rack - 120.00 Craigslist
Yakima Load Warrior Extension - 139.00 Amazon
Cooper Discoverer A/T3 245/65-17 5ea. - 850.00 Town Fair Tire (local shop price matched Discount Tire price)
Midland CB radio 1001z - 41.18 Amazon
K30 mag antenna - 26.62 Amazon
SWR Meter - 15.95 Amazon
Jumper cable for WR Meter - 12.95 Amazon
Torklift hitch - 264.00 Torklift
Curt Wiring harness - 25.50 - amazon
Masterbuilt HFTB HITCH-HAUL Folding Receiver Bar - 25.00 Amazon (daily lightning deal)
Curt Manufacturing 31006 Spare Tire Mount - 78.00 Amazon
3 bolts to mount wheel - 13.00 Lowes
Smittybilt 29312B Receiver Hitch D-Ring - 30.98 Amazon
2 of Titan Wheel Accessories t150-545-545-12125-2 (2) 1.50" inch (38mm) - 99.90 (4 total spacer) Amazon
2 of WARN 85340 0.875" - 1.125" Universal Swivel Light Mounts - 26.49 x2 - Amazon
TMS® 2 X 18w 1260lm Cree Spot Led - 52.00 Amazon (3 units)
StowAway Hitch Tightener - 21.95 Amazon
Superwinch 1145230 Terra 45 4500lbs synthetic rope - 301.99 Amazon
4 2015 Legacy wheels (one is currently spare, eventually will be main wheels) - 250.00 Craigslist
Anderson Design 2" Lift kit with subframe spacers - 550 (hes on facebook)
Front Skid Plate 2013+ Outback
Add Oil Holes Extra $20, Thickness : 3/16" - $288.00 primitive
Add Fumoto Valve $29.00
3/16" Rear Differential Cover - $110.00 primitive
14mm Camber Bolts - 1 $19.00 primitve
2015+ Outback/Legacy 3/16" Mid-Armor - 1 $135.00 primitive
ARB 2000 awning $258.30
FourTrex Mount $93.10
Awning Room $156.60
Trailhead deflators $53.96
ARB tree strap 10' $35.00
ARB snatch block 7000 $83.77
Black MaxTrax $289.00
Mounting Pins for Maxtrax $26.96
3/4" ARB Red Pin shackles (Qty 3) $31.59
synthetic rope shackle 26.00 - (all above from southeast overland. picking up items from an offroad event this weekend)
Steel for winch mount and other items - as of 5/12/15 $118.00
Wood for drawers and drawer slides, hardware - 120 - Lowes
Air Horns - 160 - amazon daily deal
Husky Floor mats - 80.00 amazon
30" led bar - 200 - side tracked offroad
frontrunner floorboard water tank and hose kit - 200.00 - frontrunner
camp chef triton shower - 126 - amazon
water filter - 8.00 - amazon
water pump - 58.00 - amazon
Edgestar Fridge/freezer - 300.00
parts to build the slider for freezer - 68.00
shower tent - 89.99 amazon
first aid kit - 100.00 amazon
tablet/phone holder 28.00 amazon
one gallon propane tank 53.00 amazon
codipro double swivel shackle- 100.00
Custom made and designed roof rack - 1300
Custom winch center bumper - 700
both made by Costa Fabrications also found here
outback by Flsimages, on Flickr
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I'm looking forward to following your build; nice stuff so far.
Your camera work is repeatedly impressive, even without fancy effects.

On subaruforester.org forums, a member known as "High_Desert_Silver" recently got a winch mount for his 2014 Forester with the help of Primitive Racing. He posted some photos of mount being mocked up; just in case, if you want a second opinion.

Btw - the video doesn't work for me.


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Yeah primitive i hard as hell to deal with. i gave up a they cant give me a solid answer if they want to do it. so ill do it myself.


Loving the build, and the direction you are going with it.
For the record, there are LOTS of Outbacks built for off-road. Yours, however, is the first 2015 I have seen that is being built as an overlander. Possibly the first 2015 for off-road.


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obviously. i already built a 2009,.....the first 2015 for sure

It all started with tire. Everyone has to have tires right? Decided on a 245/65-17 Cooper A/T3 mainly because of all the crazy awesome reviews i read about them. Im happy with them

Untitled by Flsimages, on Flickr
white letters out baby!

So what do you do when you get new tires? You go offroading. This was at about 900 miles i believe?
Untitled by Flsimages, on Flickr
Untitled by Flsimages, on Flickr

first project was to pull the bumper and core support, check if i can figure out how to mount a whinch

XT013017 by Flsimages, on Flickr
XT013037 by Flsimages, on Flickr
i figured it out. ill show you when i do it :)

So that actually brings us to today, current times
Stuff is starting to show up in the mail

rear recovery point:
Untitled by Flsimages, on Flickr

Top is the stationary rear tire carrier, bottom is the unit i have to make work with it
Untitled by Flsimages, on Flickr

Untitled by Flsimages, on Flickr
wheel spacers!!!

I went ahead and put together the rear tire carrier. I started with what you saw above and got to work
Untitled by Flsimages, on Flickr
cut off the part that would slide into the hitch
Untitled by Flsimages, on Flickr
Untitled by Flsimages, on Flickr
and make it nice and smooth
Untitled by Flsimages, on Flickr

Untitled by Flsimages, on Flickr
Untitled by Flsimages, on Flickr
slide into the area the rear rack would normally go.

Untitled by Flsimages, on Flickr
Untitled by Flsimages, on Flickr
make some holes and throw it in
Untitled by Flsimages, on Flickr

Untitled by Flsimages, on Flickr
Ill be covering the pin in maybe a rubber hose to snug it up?

used a wheel spacer to set up the studs
Untitled by Flsimages, on Flickr

Untitled by Flsimages, on Flickr
bolted it down to position all the bolts in the slots

Untitled by Flsimages, on Flickr
lay down some ugly welds (dont have gas yet :/)

Untitled by Flsimages, on Flickr
and its done

waiting on my torklift hitch and i can put it on
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I'll be watching - looking forward to your progress. Had a wrx wagon for 10 years that I regret selling now, that car was a blast. Looking at replacements, and this is on the list.


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So, supposedly coming in today:
Terra 45 winch with synthetic line (yes, it will be enough, remember, I don't wheel alone, and its for self recovery)
Lift kit
Hitch (maybe, big maybe)
and a few other goodies. More to be added after work, hopefully


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Great thread, thanks for posting! I also got a 2015 and was dreaming of doing the things you're actually putting into action. I had already started an Amazon list and put many of those items in my wishlist (where they will likely stay :ugh: )


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First things first. I have a 2003 TJ sitting in the driveway that I need to get rid of now that I have the Outback. I came to all of the same conclusions you did which are that while the Jeep is highly capable on the rocks it's dreadful anywhere else especially when you have a wife and a couple of kids! Plus I never seem to find rocks to drive on here in the east unless I go to an off road park which really isn't what I'm into. Anyway I have a few things I purchased for the Jeep that I can transplant so I'll start there. Can't wait till you show me how to mount my winch.

Just wish the set of AT3s I put on the Jeep could transfer. Great tires, good choice.


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Wow you've really made a lot of progress. I like how the winch is coming along. Is there much room for a larger winch? Not that you need more than a 4500# winch but the one I already have on the Jeep is 8000#. Is that a Trail Rated emblem forward of the mirror? Nice.