W461 270CDI


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After a few years in my 1985 Defender 90 200TDI


I finally pulled the trigger and bought a 2005 ex Belgian army G270CDI with only 38000 kilometers.




At the moment we are having some issues with having it assigned a Dutch civilian registration because these army vehicles were delivered without a Dutch CVO or Certificate Of Conformity. Once that has been solved the car will be spray painted in 051 Designo Magno Platinum Matte. 5 Hutchinson WA-0492 7,5x16 with BFG AT KO2s (285/75R16) are on order as well as the ORC spare wheel insert. There wil be a 4 cm lift.
After that a Front Runner roofrack, an Airtop Black Storm roof tent, Front Runner drawer system and an ARB fridge.

Then we'll have to see what money is left :)

All thoughts and bits of advice are greatly appreciated!
Congratulations on your find. I'm sure you will like the G driving experience.
If I may give a suggestion, before you empty your wallet on a lot of expo-bling, go and really enjoy where this vehicle can take you. What you really need in a G, is a full tank of fuel and a map of where to go, that's it.
With just a minimum of alterations that can be installed in 1 hour, you can make it a 2 persons vehicle, where you can sleep inside.
It takes me 1 hour to change my GD290 from everyday van, to ready for a month in Iceland.
When I get home, it takes 2 hours to return to normal - and clean.

Just a little heads-up on the 270cdi engine. It's a great engine, but others have found out on early cdi engines, is that it pays to have a routine of changing the injectors every 150.000km. There has been cases of injector malfunction that burned thru the piston crown. Yes that expence sucks, but injectors are a lot cheaper than a new engine.
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Be a terrible colour choice for an expedition vehicle (or any true offroader IMHO) for practical and fashion reasons.
The color it is now is high up on my choice if/when I get mine painted.


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What a great Gwagen. The fuel economy on the G270cdi is awesome, especially for the decent power it creates.


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SWB, I totally agree! I love those Entdeckers and their color. The thing is that I keep this car in Sweden where I work 6 months per year. It is my daily drive for work and unfortunately it has to be 'representable' for my work... As often as my work allows it I take it out of Stockholm but unfortunately there is no real overlanding like you have on Iceland Johnny. My wife, son and I are planning a (Southern) Africa trip where we would ship the car to Cape Town. I really like the darker colors like Tectonic Grey or Pewter but am afraid that in the sun it'll be too hot...

And thanks Johnny for your note on the injectors. The good thing is that with only 38.000 kms the 150.000 is still a ways away...

Lococoyote, I found this one through a guy in Holland who works exclusively with G's. These ex military ones are still rare finds...
Stockholm would be a very convinient starting point for some really great northern trips, you could head straight north and have a look at Lapland (Laponia). Or jump on the overnight ferry Stockholm - Mariehamn -Turku, Finland is supposed to have some nice countryside as well.
See Nordkap in the midnight sun. Do a circúmnavigation of the Baltic Sea.
You are in a good place to use the G :-D