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Brian McVickers

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Expedition Portal would like to thank Vorsheer for supporting our community as a Supporting Sponsor.

Here's more about their company directly from their team:

"VORSHEER is a company that is all about bringing functional, simple, and high-quality products to the market. Founded in 2018 by four former Moby1 employees, VORSHEER is owned and operated by the McCloud family who represents three generations of fabrication and manufacturing. A shop filled with a "jack of all trades" skill set leads to the imagining, designing, and producing of some amazing products.

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VORSHEER originally starting as a custom fabrication company in May of 2018. We entered the overland trailer market when we noticed the lack of reliable and trustworthy companies producing high-quality trailers that cater to the lifestyle of adventurers. Our realization came in November of 2018 when a customer who was working with a now defunct trailer manufacturer lost their deposit to that company. Looking for a new trailer to meet his needs, and knowing VORSHEER’s capabilities, he came to us to commission the first XOC trailer we ever built – and the rest is history.

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With over 15 years of combined trailer building knowledge, VORSHEER produces top quality, hand crafted trailers that will bring you years of adventure and discovery. Taking the knowledge they gained from prior trailer building and combing it with the latest manufacturing technology, we produced the XOC - a built to last, tough as nails overland adventure trailer. Each component of our trailers is meticulously crafted in house from scratch. Starting as sheets of metal, lengths of steel, and planks of wood, our craftsman take it from its most basic form and turn it into something grand: a home that you can take pride in while you discover the furthest reaches of the world around you.

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Alongside it’s trailers, VORSHEER also produces various other off-road accessories such as roof racks, legless awnings, bumpers, and other accessories. Each product is held to the same standard and process as our premium overland trailers. All products are built and inspected in house to ensure quality is above and beyond expectations.

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Our mission here at VORSHEER is simple. Produce top quality products while maintaining excellent customer service. We will be sure to communicate with you through your entire process as you work with us. If you ever have any questions or concerns you can contact us in person, by email, by phone, or by one of our various social media platforms."



Honestly this seems in poor judgement. Lots of people lost tens of thousands of dollars on deposits to Moby1. Even if this is a new company with different management and owners do we know that Vorsheer has delivered any trailers to customers yet? How many members here on Expo have ordered and received trailers? Have you verified that this is a legitimate company before giving them sponsorship status? Given their history and connection with Moby1 I would have at least thought you'd give it some time and make them prove themselves before giving them sponsorship status. Giving them sponsorship status is extremely misleading since new or casual members would likely believe a sponsored vendor to be trustworthy. Vorsheer has yet to establish that. But I guess if you pay enough money it's easy to become a sponsored vendor.


I agree their supporting vendor status may be premature. I really hope they treat people better than Moby did, but until they prove they will do so...


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@VORSHEER - This would be a good place for a customer to post a review of their trailer, and of your company.

Otherwise, you just leave all that ^ unaddressed in any way.