Volvo C304 (4x4) Restore and fitout - WR7002


5 6 7 March 2021

After working long hours in the office due to stupid issues - Banking SOftware sigh I elect to take the next 5 Fridays oss work as I'm forced to use the days I carried over from 2020. We still cannot travel out of the state and I celebrate 1 year of working at home and the 5th is my birthday. Only better birthday would be to drive it.

By Sunday night all the big panels on the rear are painted good progress.


12 13 14 March 2021

Front painted. Then i see the run and and the fix ruins the valance under the window sigh this will be fixed later. I cannot paint the front bumper as it's holding the the truck up with a giant stand.

Right frame undercoated.

The alloy door panels are now ready to attach. However the door tops still need attention.

Up with the floor now to paint the frame black with epensive single all in one paint. Then we find the shrew squirrels have been using the fuel tank as a dining room sigh. So I start building a shrew fence from the firewall frame from a LandRover 109 lying in the workshop.



19 20 21 March 2021

The frame looks good.

So do the door bottoms.

I finally finish the front half of the frame.

and start to prepare the rear. Sound proofing also commences to stop the rattles emerging from the floor.

and give it the magic one coat paint.

Then its time to start testing the truck facilities the hammock test and fan test are conducted

The rear panel is prepped and undercoated



28 29 30 March 2021

I needed a new workbench so the frame being made for the indoor restaurant for 350k away which got cancelled is recycled into a new all purpose work table by hotpants.

Meantime I paint the inside of the doors.

Work claims the weekend sigh.


4 April 2021

I lift the floor over the fuel tank and oh no the damn shrew has had covid parties on the fuel tank again along with his friends. Now I'm pissed, I'm waiting
for the rest of the fence to be tigged up. I now feel like Bill Murray in Caddyshack. Further lockdown can only travel inside our district - lucky the Volvo
workshop is inside the district.

The soundproofed floor is ready to install.

Office work takes the rest of the weekend


11 April 2021

Part 1 of 3 of the shrew fence is installed.

25 April 2021

cannot wait the floor is reinstalled so I can strip the service hatch down ready to be one coat black.

12 May 2021
Lights and fan testing continues to see current draw on the 150amp deep cycle battery.



16 May 2021

I share lunch each sunday with Zinc he's getting good at it. He's not as cute as he looks he took a piece of 4 people in one day drawing blood on 2 including

the owner. I have scars on my arm from an incident. If he is not wagging his tail and watching your hand do not touch him.

Full fan and lights test continues and the service hatch is now black and drying for 24 hours.


22 23 May 2021

Work now commences on preparing the flexible solar panel it will magnetic stick to the service hatch panel. I have 2 more for the new boat project which has
the cut list prepared and waiting to be routed out in Singapore in coming 2 weeks.

I paint the 2 indoor panels which I missed.


26 May 2021

Then it's time for the panels all to be bolted back to the truck the change in the trucks appearance is now amazing. So it will now pass the inspection rules of ONE colour.

I manage to do my first wet camp site test with the chair inside the truck and lights and fan running. Perfect all passed.

Left side panels attached

It may be extra time etc for me to paint the interior but its been worth it. Just the ceiling to paint in the coming weeks.

Service hatch panel re-assembly.

Thats it for 3-4 or more weeks we are in total lockdown until 14 June and workshops are closed as are parts shops and 2-3 weeks after to reopen - if the covid numbers drop which they are not. I suspect it will be 2 months or more.

So close to being ready and interrupted again


NO!!!!!!!!!!! the lockdown is extended till 28th June and then another 2-3 weeks after that to be allowed to open the workshop up, They cannot get a permit to open the workshop sigh.
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