Volvo C304 (4x4) Restore and fitout - WR7002


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any updates?

A terrible update

We had the haze no work was done on the Volvo I/2 or 3 just stayed indoors for 4 weeks as the workshop is a open workshop the haze made eyes water etc so I stayed away.

We have rebuilt the brake pedal it's almost finished and we have found the brake issue we had 1cm of master cylinder travel not 3.5cm like we need to apply sufficient pressure.

Volvo 1 has spat its batteries sigh 1 deep cycle battery needs to be replaced as will the other 2.

I have been in hospital due to the haze and ended up with serious bronchitis sigh

I hope to have the brakes in by XMAS as we are off this weekend for days to deliver 200 more kids to the jungle villages sfter the end of the school year. Mission impossible monsoon rain and 12tonnes of food to deliver up to 60k into the jungle. From last weekends guys attempt it's 1 day each way or more. I have 12 hardcore trucks with me to try and achieve this. I am on 3 weeks holiday after this so no updates or work till 21st December. I will do a story on the CSR trip when I get back.

Volvo 2 has no progress apart form the new rear window being made up.

Volvo 3 no progress but I am about to pull the cabin off and get it blasted.

Mr Brown the "guard" dog from the workshop who was my weekend companion for 3 years in IPOH is no more he was badly hurt and passed away in a jungle accident recently leaving everyone upset

I hope to have good news by XMAS..
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Did you just post a video of Volvo 1 on YouTube

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Yes having lots of trouble getting time to do the updates due to the hours being worked from home and we have been on lockdown for 8 weeks.

yes it runs. no it still will not stop. however last saturday we seem to have cracked it and found and fixed an issue. Will know this saturday when we bleed the brakes and run it.

The parts shops have been shut for 8 weeks and we are not sure if they even opened yesterday.

I will update this weekend when I finish my overloaded work tasks list - maybe.
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21 October 2019

We have changed the fulcrum point of the brake pedal and given it enough travel to push the piston 3.5cm and moved it around a little. It has been fitted and the brakes bleed after a nightmare with the fuel tank and the batteries.


1. The truck would not start so I bleed the fuel line but it would not bleed so I made a separate fuel pump primer still it did not prime. Some diagnosis resulted in me taking the fuel tank apart and after a fuel pump which got so hot we could not touch it we realised we had a blockage, cry some diesel sealant blobbed up and blocked the tank sob. Found it at the elbow joint.
2. Bypassing the existing fuel pump and and piping got the truck up and running after 2 days of trying to figure out why the dash lights would not work.


[youtube]dbWKt9uFnLc [/youtube]
3. We bleed the brakes and now the truck engine stalls when you step on the brakes. We still are waiting for the tank to be reinstalled before we can do a proper road test.

4. Then we have pulled the tank out and inspected everything. All steel parts inside the tank removed as some of them were rusting and we have replaced it all with ALLOY parts and welded in any fittings and no more sealant except on the fuel gauge.
5. The filler cap/nozzzle is away being turned from high quality alloy tube and made into 2 parts to allow the tank to be removed etc.
6. The window washer tank was removed and cut and trimmed so we did not have to remove the gear lever to remove the window washer tank in future.
7. Found and fixed the radiator leak. Cheap hose clamps are never good. 3 clips took me the best part of the day to change lol.



9 December 2019

Well its been a long time since I updated and many weekends of work on the Volvo lost

Kids charity kayaking trip has been and gone

More funerals and weddings taking up weekends etc.

The Indonesia fire haze has been and gone we lost 4 weekends of working on the Volvo due to the poor quality air.

It took a long time to fix the brakes and we have also been letting Hotpants our wanna learn as much as I can chick loose on stuff so I have spent time supervising her.

As if I didn't need more ******** in my life I bought a Landcruiser 80 cheap so I could take the 1HDT turbo diesel engine out and use it in the new big jetboat we are building next year. However, we looked at it and decided we could fix it up and make it driveable. So new steering bushes a complete rear axle and a brakes rebuild it ran. not bad for 580,000 kilometers on it. It's new name is Elcheapo. I picked up a spare modified WARN 8274 I had lying in my lounge (yes) and fitted it to the 80. Wife was happy lounge was cleaner. It will need a engine rebuilt in the future. Then we decided hotpants could have it for her upcoming charity work so she could get sponsors. Now we need to do the interior and put a manual gearbox in it. Now we need another 1HDT for the boat lol.

We did the end of school year return the OA kids to their remote villages and a new charity 4x4 group group is born "Hutan Skool Bus" or "Jungle School Bus". More charity work is now wanted by the new crew.

The video is coming still of the overnite 15 hours drive in and 13 hours out. I will do a separate article on this later.


The tank is out waiting for the new custom neck filler to be built.





4 January 2020

Haha now a air line let go to the compressor had to track down the horrendous noise to find the broken hose line lol.

Playing with the speedo sensor setting it up so we could test it without running the truck on the road.

Finally success we got it to work and the start sequence working correctly.


A GPS sender has been ordered and a tacho sender and a boost gauge and a EGT. All due to arrive from USA on 1 Feb.

Even worse new the mighty 80 Series I purchased has failed an inspection I need to cut it up and do what I can to salvage it to a new vehicle.


18 January 2020

Mighty 80 Series Landcruiser needed some front hub attention so we kindly let Hotpants strip the front axles and install the new chrome molley axles and the new

bearings and regrease it while we all supervised.




1 February 2020

Frustrating time last minute issue with the speedo wiring a broken wire in the loom meant we had to relay the speedo sender wiring to the dash panel. Now we need to drive the truck exactly 1 mile to set the programmable odometer. Now since the police station is only 400 meters away i need to have brakes first in case they pull me over.

Parts shops are still shut after Chinese New Year damn so cannot get parts.

Started early Saturday and spent the morning and arvo checking all the bolts and bolting down all the panels and tested the relayed window washer tubing and it all works finally. Then we cleared the truck out and found a RATS nest sigh in the wheel covers - ruined chewed through by a rat family.



The brakes test I did not brake hard in the video there was insufficient brakes still lol.

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5 May 2020

Well after 9 weeks of the COVID movement ban which started 12 March we are finally allowed to crawl out of our homes and learn to drive again and interact with

people but not leave the state and not the 6 cats in my house. The office has told us to work from home for another 12 months at least. However, life is different parts shops have closed permanently, workshops have gone parts cannot be got no stock etc as the suppliers have not reopened. Cannot have coffee together and the list goes on and on.

My condolences to anyone who has lost friends etc from this virus we have been lucky here in Malaysia we managed to get it contained no thanks to people who spread it from a few larges gatherings despite being told not to have them. However, our lives are changed for a very long time moving forward. Those people on the front line are the hero's of all this.

The errant Landcruiser 80 is off to the workshop 70k away to be cut up and the salvagable parts being installed in the new acquired really cheap Landcruiser.

The mighty Isuzu is getting a new clutch and master brake cylinder and rear brakes after something fell apart in the rear drum destroying the complete insides lol.

Now that we have decided to loan Hotpant the 80 Series for her Africa trip. Elcheapo the Africa bound Landcruiser 80 has the engine and auto out with the engine getting a complete overhaul after being able to blow smoke of every colour out of the exhaust. The 5 speed manual gearbox from the other 80 is being installed. Its also being kitted out for overland with roller drawers etc all being recycled and the 80 gutted inside to cleanup any issues before we start the internal cargo barriers and electrical installation.

The Volvo is still up on jacks and has not been started for 9 weeks.

Bleeding the brakes we find the issues the pads are not moving enough. It's back to stripping everything out of the Volvo again. We pull the portals out callipers and all Pedals out Callipers out and strip and rebuild and refit but I could not get the callipers with PADS to install. Finally we see the problem. The callipers had been pulled and rebuilt previously with new pads installed but they did notice that the old pads had had 3mm trimmed from the middle of the pad so it could clear a portal bolt resulting in the pad not clamping the disc correctly. Fitting the PADS after the calliper bolted in caused the pad to hang on the portal bolt.

We fixed that and refitted the pads and checked for correct operation. Still no proper BRAKES. We elect to start building up the brakes to the before 2010 status.

We add a vaccum tank and the brakes are better we add another tank and build a rack of 3 tanks and add the cross member vaccum tank back to the setup. More brakes now it stops from 60kph but still will not lockup. Investigation to a bigger master cylinder is continuing.

Pulling the portal and discs and callipers off



Zing is very happy to have us all back in the shop especially at thunderstorm time he has someone to hug.
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