Volcano Grill - Complaints?


Anyone have complaints about the Volcano Grill? Wish it were bigger? Lighter? Other features not currently met?

Trying to decide if it'll fit my needs and if I'm missing anything about it that will annoy me later. The one thing that concerns me is the pretty darn tiny grilling surface.


The only negative thing (for me) about it is that it is easy to push food OFF the edge of the grill. Other than that, I love it.

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It does what it's designed to do, but it gets filthy after use which makes packing a pain. If I could do it over, I'd purchase a Snow Peak fire pit instead.
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I have the propane burner, comes in handy when there's burn bans. Surprisingly even heat. As other have said, have to be careful about not knocking things off the edge and it doesn't clean up itself, I blame the parents.


I have the propane burner as well, it's great for the burn ban times of year and the grill w/out the burner is great for charcoal and wood when allowed. I haven't had any issues just tip it upside down and move the legs in and out to clean it. The case is a necessity to prevent the mess after use.

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really been thinking about getting one for dutch oven cooking when bans are on :) I use the camp chef lid thing on our stove now but this could be better solution :)