Vintage Vehicle Laws In Buenos Aires, Argentina


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My wife and I are considering a move to Buenos Aires to begin the process of gaining Argentinian dual citizenship with the USA--we'd be living in BA for 6-7 months of each year. We have some beloved Toyota FJs from the 1970's that we'd like to import. As I understand the situation, importing a vehicle into AR is very expensive and requires a lot patience, but can be done. We are prepared to spend whatever money and patience is necessary.

We are diehard gearheads with irrational attachment to these trucks, and have spent over 150,000USD on each of them, so finding local old Toyotas to replace them is not an option--these things are part of the family, as ridiculous as that may seem.

Are there vehicle inspections and emissions tests for old vehicles in Buenos Aires, or are vehicles of a certain age exempt from these tests?

Is there anything else you helpful expats here might know that would be vital to us?
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