Vintage Suburban 4x4


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Nice! Just like 1leglance’s and Mosesburb’s rigs. I wish GM still made all of their trucks like they used to. All they make now are great powertrains in disappointing vehicle platforms. These days new GM vehicles are only good to pirate the powertrains from to swap into good old rigs such as this here purdy Suburban you linked us to.


With the whole "come-back" of the muscle cars... maybe they'll eventually go so far back that they start going to the sweet style of the olden days. :D One can only hope.


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That is the same grill as my 1970 burb...
and almost the same color as Nick-Nobin 's 1972 burb.

I love my vintage rig as every bit of it is meant to be worked on and serviced. Unlike so much throw away stuff that is built today. That is true environmentalism. Repair and keep something vs tossing and buying new.

Also I have my granddad's 1972 truck that will go to my 14yr old son as his first rig. Nothing like a match set of Chevy's :)

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Now that is just a whole bunch of sweetness right there.

Vehicle, vessel, and location.


Heck, that's a youngster!

Here's a pic of my old 60 burb. I believe that 1960 was the first year that Chevy made their own 4 X 4.

Actually, I really have a big love for the Three door suburban. I truly believe that it is the best looking chevy that was built. We bought the above 60 in 1979 and it is still in the family. I know that it isn't really a burb but it is close. In the northwest (where we lived at the time) these were called crummy's. Logging companies used them to haul the loggers to the work sites. This one was originally a US Forest Service crummy. The dark green paint can be seen where the newer paint has been scratched off. I was less careful, to the point of being abusive, with my vehicles back then and there are still some significant dents to demonstrate my stupidity.
The truck is still in the family. My daughter has it now and I might be getting it back. She has a bit too many projects and I have been bugging her to let me have it back and finish it up. But first I have to finish my 71 Ford F 250. Sorry, I didn't mean to steal your post, I just love to gab about the old trucks.


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Wow:Wow1:what cool rigs. I just wish I could but a early 70s K5 Blazer some some reasonable cos.... Anyone got some links for such a vehicle for sale?


2007 Expedition Trophy Champion, Overland Certifie is a great forum with lots on info on that is for sale around the country along with all the rebuild tech & advice you could ever need.

The Blazers are at the top of the price ladder due to rarity and coolness factor. But if you look around there are some killer builds where guys have taken suburbans and cut them down to more like a 4 door Blazer/Tahoe style.
Also the crew cab truck builds are killer and something I would love to own...just not build :)

All in all I am very happy with my 70 burb for off road and 72 truck for street play.


This is my next project. I bought it a couple of years ago, but life has gotten in the way of getting started on it.

It's going to take a lot of work, but should be great when it's done. Won't be long before I get started. I have gathered a set of original front seats, center console, and a rear seat. Now I want to track down a roll bar. If I can't find one I'll have one fabbed up so it's no big deal. Just have to wrap up some items on my F-150, then on to the Blazer.



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as I mentioned is the best resource you will find for that Blazer
And if you look in the Four Corners section you will see that we are doing an Old Iron Run in Feb a bit south of you so bring that rig out....just how it is would be fine!

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