Vintage Jeeps


SE Expedition Society
@Omix-Ada (Rugged Ridge) in Suwanee, GA.

Incredible. Simply incredible.
Thanks for the tour, Dave.

Chris - Scott,
OJ needs to go here and do a pictorial. Take them out on the trail and do a photo shoot.
They said they'd entertain the idea....
...and I'm at your disposal to pilot one...

I love that little tan CJ3B! Thanks for sharing these!

You've also gotta love all the drip pans complete with oil puddles. Old Jeeps definitely mark there territory!


SE Expedition Society
Awesome! What is this place called? Is it open to the public?
It's the corporate HQ for Omix-Ada, Rugged Ridge.
Not really open to the public ---- you need an invite.
But I'd think that if an avid gear-head was running through GA, contacted them, asked nicely, they'd show that person around. They have a meeting room that they make available for local clubs to hold their meetings.
They're true enthusiasts. The parking lot is full of staffers' Jeeps in all forms.