Video Trailer: North to Inuvik


June of this year a friend and I from Edmonton, AB met up with another friend from Vancouver, BC and drove to Inuvik and back. We took lots of photos and video along the way. The video was my friends first attempt at editing. I think he did an amazing job.



Thanks. I think we took about 16 days or so. We had great fortune with the weather. It only rained on or last night.

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WxMan said:
Thanks. I think we took about 16 days or so. We had great fortune with the weather. It only rained on or last night.
Would you be able to post up your route and approximate distances per day? Love to see it.



Day 1 (Truck and Trailer) Edmonton, AB --> Fraser Lake, BC : 900km
Day 1 (Motorcycle) Whiterock, BC --> Fraser Lake, BC : 927km
Day 2 Fraser Lake, BC --> Meziadin Lake, BC : 360km
Day 3 Meziadin Lake, BC --> Stewart/Hyder --> Dease Lake, BC : 459km
Day 4 Dease Lake, BC --> Telegraph Creek, BC --> Dease Lake, BC : 350km
Day 5 Dease Lake, BC --> Teslin, YT : 516km
Day 6 Teslin, YT --> Moose Creek, Campsite, YT : 554km
Day 7 Moose Creek, YT --> Engineer Creek (Demptster), YT : 368km
Day 8 Engineer Creek, YT --> Ft. McPherson, NT : 356km
Day 9 Ft. McPherson, NT --> Inuvik, NT : 186km
Day 10 Inuvik, NT --> Camping along Dempster highway: ???
Day 11 Camping along Dempster --> Dawson, YT : ???
Day 12 (Truck and Trailer) Dawson, YT --> Teslin, YT : 704km
Day 13 (Truck and Trailer) Teslin, YT --> Stone Mountain, BC : 631km
Day 14 (Truck and Trailer) Stone Mountain, BC --> Edmonton, AB : 1,185km
Days 12-15 (Motorcycle) Dawson --> Whiterock, BC : 3,095km

Total distance traveled ~7500km Roughly 2000km of that was on gravel.

Having given it more serious thought it looks like it took us 14 days in the truck and 15 days for my friend on the motorcycle. The Chaser trailer was delivered brand new to me in Edmonton the Day before we left. It wasn't so brand new when we got back. The gravel was pretty hard on it. My truck has a tendency to really throw rocks especially when traveling at highway speed. I have since Line-X'ed the entire trailer with the exception of the top and back. Now it is pretty much bulletproof. We plan to make this trip again at the end of March 2009. The bike will have to stay at home this time though.


damn thats giving me some bad ideas for this summer lol mmmmmmmm:safari-rig: :safari-rig: :safari-rig: anything you would suggest for preps on vehicles and trailers??? thanks



I referred to it as a trailer because that is the way it was put together. We took about seven hours of video so there was lots to choose from. I'd love to say that there will be more coming but I can't make any promises. It took almost six months to finally get around to getting this one done.


I would say prep as you normally would for a couple week trip. The biggest issue we ran into was the damage caused to the trailer from the gravel highways. Also the trailer was throwing rocks at the back of the truck. My tailgate and bumper are full of rock chips. For personal prep make sure you have a bug net for your head. The mosquitoes are ridiculously bad up there.

I would say to anyone thinking about a trip to this part of the world make sure you budget an extra day to drive the Telegraph Creek road in Northwestern BC. That really was the highlight of the trip. We did it on a whim and it turned out to be the best drive of our lives. Words can't describe that road. Ask anyone who has been there.

Here are a few photos from the trip:

Somewhere on the southern part of the Cassiar Highway.

Telegraph Creek road (Southwest of Dease Lake, BC)

Dempster Highway just north of Tombstone, YT.

The original Adventure Trailer, Dempter Highway just north of Tombstone, YT.

Inuvik, NT.


The model T had Iowa plates on it and was piloted by two older gentlemen. I don't remember all the details but I believe they had driven it from there to Inuvik and were on their way back down the Dempster highway when we met them. (We ran into them a few minutes north of Tombstone at the southern end of the Dempster.) They told us they were currently headed to Anchorage to visit some relatives. The trailer they were pulling was carrying a spare motor as well as many other spares for the car. Apparently the model T had a tough time with some of the steeper hills and when they couldn't get up a hill they would have to go in to the transmission and change belts around to get a lower gearing.

Recommended books for Overlanding