Victron 75/15 Bluetooth Range

I seem to only have about 6-8 feet of range when connecting to my Victron app to the solar charge controller. Unit is mounted under hood in a GX470. What kind of range are others experiencing ? Anyone know of a suitable Bluetooth repeater?


Rendezvous Conspirator
Under the hood is definitely hurting you. It's basically inside a faraday cage, surrounded by the steel fenders, hood, etc.
I have the same unit in a plastic battery box and can get 20+ft from it and still get telemetry. I think too much metal surrounding yours.
I had a feeling that was a factor. I assume that if I remount it closer to the grill I’ll get better range? Right now it’s about mid way from grill to firewall near the passenger side fender .


Rendezvous Conspirator
It will get you better range from the front, but think of radio signals like a bubble. (Or more accurately, "cartioid" - like the shape of an apple, where the stem is the antenna.)

The fender and hood will block that part of the bubble, but the grill will let it pass. The radio waves won't change direction to "bend" around the grill (unless they're bouncing off of something), so if you need to use it from the side or rear, you may need to relocate it elsewhere.
with mine in the back of my truck under a fiberglass topper I can generally connect inside my house, 30+ feet away, haven't tested it in open air but guessing another 20-30 feet.
I'd definitely relocate it. I can get a solid 30 feet from the back of my truck, probably a bit more if I give it a few seconds (hangs at connecting-20%). Mounted inside camper shell, velcroed to the ceiling nearest the tailgate
I guess that's one reason why you might want the Bluetooth dongle vs. the built in Bluetooth. On both my MPPT and BMV I can connect from inside the house (~80 ft. away) if a window or door is open.
The dongle has much longer range than the built in bluetooth on the 'smart' devices. I easily get 3 times the range with my BMV-700 and dongle than I get from my MPPT 'smart'.