VIAIR Supports Expedition Portal as an Sponsoring Vendor

Brian McVickers

Staff member
Expedition Portal would like to thank VIAIR for supporting Expedition Portal and our online community.

"VIAIR manufactures 12-volt and 24-volt quality-engineered air compressors used for overlanding and off-roading. VIAIR compressors are currently deployed to every corner of the globe, in the world’s harshest environments – from arctic climates to the world’s most unforgiving deserts. VIAIR is recognized by our customers and peers as the leading manufacturer and distributor of high performance air compressors for multiple pneumatic applications. Our goal is to provide the ultimate Vital Air Source!

VIAIR’s 400P-Automatic compressor fills up to 35” tires for a reliable, quick way to air up your tires and get back on the road quickly. This is our first Automatic shut-off function powerful portable tire inflator. This 33% duty cycle unit is capable of pressures up to 150 PSI and can be operated for up to 40 minutes at a time before needing to be rested (at up to 40 PSI). The 400P-Automatic comes with a close-ended gas station-style air gun for added convenience. The Automatic shut off feature allows you to fill your tires easily – you don’t have to turn the compressor on/off while moving from tire to tire.

VIAIR’s NEW Gen 2 Onboard Air (OBA) systems feature our New Dual 485C Gen 2 compressors, ideal for a variety of pneumatic applications while overlanding and/or off-roading. With these OBA’s, you can have confidence powering air tools, air lockers, air horns, air tanks, air bags, tire inflation, load levelers and more! These upgraded kits have some of the same features of our original onboard air kits complete with compressors, air tank, fittings, pressure switch, relay(s), electrical connectors, and all applicable accessories – but now include our sleek NEW 485C Platinum or Stealth Black compressors. This is our only OBA kit rated at 100% duty @ 200 PSI with an increased head port size of 3/8” NPT allowing for more CFM – so you’ll fill your application faster! As one of the only manufacturers of these unique Onboard air systems, we offer multiple kits with various duty cycles.

Whether you are out on the road, or on a wheeling adventure, make sure VIAIR is your vital air source for all your pneumatic needs!

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