Very Rare 1982 2-Door Range Rover LHD

m3 bavaria

3" Lift
33" tires (Brand new Goodyear MT/R)
Safari Gard Rock Sliders and Rear Bumper
ARB Front Bumper with winch mount
9 Hella Lights (8 front, 1 rear)
Safari Rack with Hi-Lift and Spare Mount (Hi-Lift and Spare are included)

Interior is Rough. Odometer and fuel guage have stopped working. Great truck, blast to drive, just not too practical for a daily driver.

$6,500 OBO.


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:drool: I've wanted a two-door since I first saw one in a magazine back in the 70's. Just wish I had the cash or driveway space. :mad:


Expedition Leader
:drool: I've wanted a two-door since I first saw one in a magazine back in the 70's. Just wish I had the cash or driveway space. :mad:
When I saw one at the Land Rover dealer in Frederick Maryland around '77 I thought, "Man, this is way too nice to take off-road. I don't think I'd want one."
My how times change. lol


Expedition Leader
I really like that truck. Too bad you aren't closer. Some new seats, remove the lights and a cabin makeover and it would be very very sweet


m3 bavaria

Can you give a guess on the miles?

This may be a dumb question, but what makes it impractical as a daily driver?
The odometer is frozen at 107,8xx miles. I've only owned it for two months, and the previous owner (an enthusiast with several Rovers), owned it for 10 years and drove it sporadically. I'd be suprised if it had more than 130,000.

For me, two things make it difficult to daily drive:

1) It's not a highway cruiser. With the 3.5 litre motor and the 33" tires, it struggles to maintain 55-60 mph.

2) I drive about 80 miles a day working in real estate. It's not that comfortable, I generally wear a suit, and it's hardly economical.

My intention was to upgrade the motor and interior to make it comparable to the LR3 that I daily drive. I realize that such a thing is next to impossible. I'd like to keep it, but I don't have the garage space, so it's being sold.

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