Very nice M101A2


Price reduced to $1200

I had a couple of these, sold one, and have this one up for sale. Probably the nicest one I have.

Surge brakes work, parking brakes work. If you want the bolt pattern to match your vehicle, I believe you can buy a standard 12” drum with the appropriate bolt pattern. Etrailer sells it. Can help you find it.

If you want the nose gear and hitch removed, I can make a receiver hitch for the trailer for a reasonable fee. I did this with my “personal” 101 and with my 1101. This will drop 60lbs or so off the weight. That nose gear is heavy.

Price on this one is $1200 if you take it “as is”.

If you want to swap drums to use your own wheels, I’ll take $250 off the price. I can help you find the correct drums for this axle.

If you want to keep the 8 on 6.5 bolt pattern, ditch the nose gear, but want electric brakes, I have the part number for the brakes with hand brake or without

Wiring for the military lights looks to be in very good condition. I have not switched it over to a civilian plug, or changed the lights for 12v lights. This can be discussed if it’s an issue.

No title, but can provide bill of sale, or notarized bill of sale depending on the state you are from.

I’m located just North of Dallas, Texas.

The only significant boo-boo is here. I suspect judicious application of 2x4’s and a hi-lift jack on “squeeze” mode could straighten this out a fair amount.

The beds are galvanized, so there are zero rust issues. I power washed it first and removed a fair amount of flaking CARC and the metal was nice and shiny underneath.

This one is nicer than my personal trailer, but I have already put a ton of hours into it, so ... eh, whatcha gonna do.

The supply of 101A2’s has dried up. To find one in near pristine condition is a bit difficult.
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A lightweight, rust free trailer. You can knock a chunk of weight off it by removing the nose gear. I haven’t weighed one, but 60 lbs is a very reasonable guess.

I put electric brakes and receiver hitch on my other one. A lot easier to move by hand that way.

PM me if you are interested, let’s see what we can work out.
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Sold. This is the 2nd of 3 I am selling.

Put it on CL in Austin and Lubbock and had lots of interest out of Lubbock. Odd considering the size of Dallas compared to those towns.

anyway, I have another 101 that I have not painted yet. It needs new tires, and I don’t want to buy them ... soooo ... perfect opportunity for someone who wants to put an axle on it to match their tow vehicle.

Price reflects the situation. PM me for pics and info.