Velcro Based Drawer Organizers by Total Composites


Approved Vendor : Total Composites
Hey everyone,

We like to introduce you to our easy to adjust, super durable drawer organizers. Based on a very durable velcro pad that lets you adjust module within seconds!

You all know the problem of rattling pots, pans, cups and plates while going down dirt roads. Not only can that noise be very annoying, it could also wreck your stuff.
At Total Composites we are always on the hunt for unique well thought out components. The Pur Vario system is exactly that. Made in Germany by a very innovative company with a well proven track record. PurVario has been used in Europe by many OEM manufacturers as a standard item in motorhomes. We have put the system through the wringer for 6 months in all conditions and fell in love with it. We even installed it in our kitchen at home!

Have a look here:

You can place your order here: We have a special promo code for 10% off for Expo Portal members (please send PM)

Wholesale inquiries are welcome!

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