Vehicle storage in Belize


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We are need of some assistance please.

We are looking to store a US registered vehicle in BZ for 6 to 8 weeks this fall. This is in support of a two stage Central American Overland adventure

The concept plan is:
  • Ship truck to BZ
  • Fly to BZ get truck through customs (with broker)
  • Spend 10 days exploring BZ
  • Fly back to US
  • Store truck in BZ for 6 to 8 week
  • Return to BZ
  • Spend 5 days exploring BZ further
  • Drive truck to Costa Rica, and keep there indefinitely

I know some CA countries have government controlled storage compounds (to prevent vehicle sales w/o paying tariffs') but I have not found any associated with BZ. Any guidance or tips to help us further plan the above would be appreciated.

Thank you!
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When I lived in Belize, I had a friend of a friend store a vehicle with these folks: belizetransfers.com...They only stored it there for a week or so, but it may be worth trying!! They are located in Corozal.