Vehicle Camera Storage Ideas?


Looking for some ideas on storing my camera gear in "standby" mode behind the front passenger seat.

I like to be able to grab my camera while still positioned in the driver's seat if I see something that I want to shoot from the window like an animal. Or if the weather is foul, it's nice to just roll the window down, grab a photo and go.

I know I could use a hard case or soft bag but was thinking more holsters or even a crate with a custom foam insert.

I'm just brainstorming some ideas right now and figured I would see what others use as a system.


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For me the solution has been a soft "box" that mounts on the floor behind the center console in the back seat area. You can find these sorts of organizers at car washes and so forth. More recently, in my Jeep Grand Cherokee, I took out the backseat and built a platform, but I extended some light gauge plywood to form a cubbyhole right behind the center console and its been super handy.



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When I had my van, I used a Rubbermaid seat organizer/caddy thing as a makeshift center console. (I couldn't have a permanently fixed console because I needed the space to swivel the seats around and deal with the pop-top.) That console was sized such that I was able to use a foam insert as a kind of camera cradle - I could put the camera lens-down into the caddy and it was secure enough for the kind of mild soft-roading we were doing. Then, if I saw something that needed photographing, I could grab it, flick the power button, and shoot.

I know a couple of guys who've used the armrest storage or fixed center consoles in the same way - some kind of camera bag or foam insert wedged into a place where you can drop the camera lens-down.

Mike W.

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I use a small camera bag with the should strap around the headrest on the back of the passenger seat..Just leave it open.


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Since we always travel as a pair we keep the cameras in front of the passenger's seat. We'd really like some sort of rack overhead though.


I have a holster and have used it here and there hanging off the back of the seat. It wont fit the new camera body, so I need to do some shopping. May incorporate it in box or holder so its lower and easier to grab. Thanks for the opinion everyone.


I just ordered this to hold my camera, it should fit comfortably on my lower center console. I have used my larger camera bag in that location but it seems to be too bulky, this is designed for a single camera with a extra small lens. I have not received it yet, but for a shipped price of $33.45 I am excited to check it out.

camera bag.PNG


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I know this is an old thread but I figured I’d throw out a suggestion. Before I do that, I generally keep my go-to camera in my F-Stopoer Tiloppa 50L backpack and I lay it where I reach it (get into it) quickly by simply lifting the access panel. That said, I’ve been planning a faster solution I thought I’d share. I drive a ‘22 Ford F-350 Platinum Tremor. I’m going to install a Built Right Gear aluminum molle panel to the back of the driver and passenger seats. Then, I’m going to attach either a Peak Design backpack strap Capture Clip or the Ulanzi Falcam 38 version of the capture clip. The new F38 QD clips are cross compatible and I use them on all my cameras. This way, I can simply slip the camera/lens combo into a secure holder that’s quick and easy to remove.

Now, doing this will create a little unwanted slop between the lens and the rigid molle pannel; so I’ll attach an appropriate section of padding on the panel, under the lens. This will be especially needed with longer/heavier lenses like my 70-200 Sony GM lens or one of my super telephotos or giant primes. I may even attach a Velcro strap to secure the lens tightly to the padded area - something that can be instantly released to remove my camera.

Anyway, hope this helps someone.


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I’m not up on all the cool new gizmos and not shooting professionally any longer either.

In 2001 I had a Domke bag that sat between the seats in my 88” series. Stuff got very hot (I was shooting film only then with a pair of Canon F-1s)

Later I moved on to the EOS format (1-V) and finally digital (1-D) and migrated to a Pelican case. But the body with the 24-70 bounced around the truck (literally) within reach. Many articles in LRM back in the early 00’s shot with that rig. Still have it but haven’t touched it in years…

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