VanHans' 95 Montero SR


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Looks outstanding! I have a 95 sr I got it off Craig's list the Monty was in OH sitting on a farm 2nd owner car with 138k on it. It have the harmonic balancer off which I understand is common.


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Great looking Montero.

I found your thread searching for 33x10.5 fitment pics. I realize the thread is a few years old, but one thing I didn't see was your thoughts on in-town/hwy driving in regards to gearing. Any thing noticeable that you remember? I recently found a mint 93 SR and am loving it, but I think the poor 3.0l would probably feel a 33 vs the factory 31.

...and post some updated pics. That truck looks great!


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Thanks for the complement Aaron.

I can't really comment on the power with the 33s vs the 31s. I put the 33s on within a few days of owning the truck, so i never had much of a chance to drive it with the 31s.

Coming from my 4.7 WJ, everything felt under-powered. I never really expected it to be a rocket. The only time the lack of power has really been a problem was with the six of us in it pulling our 4x7 trailer loaded for a week. The Monty has been my daily driver (50 miles a day) for the last three years, and has been fine for that.

That said, our 2500 Suburban is now our primary camping rig and we're starting to look for a larger trailer.

Not much has changed on the truck. The roof rack/basket has come off and is now mounted to the lid of our trailer. Not really much else to update. With four kids, life has just taken us in other directions. The Montero has been more or less reliable, with the considerable maintenance you expect at nearly 200k, and just keeps chugging along.


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