Vangater Lift - Simple Way To Get Extra Travel For Lifted Vans


I have the Vangater wheelchair lift in my van and I figured out an easy way to get an extra 4" of travel out of it. For this demo we blocked up the wheels 4.5". I have 33" tires with stock rear suspension so that adds about 2".

The Vangater has an actuator that controls the attitude of the lift. After the lift deploys and the foot hits the ground, the angle of the platform (attitude) pivots down. By moving the hole for the linkage out and lengthening the linkage, you can make the end of the platform tilt down further. Then simply attach a block to the bottom of the foot.

Check it out:



Drew, clever. I use 1or 2 blocks whilst in the field to balance out my landings. Plus blocks or even a lil plywood keeps the mud/dirt away from the lift mechanism. I'm on 31" TAs and thinking about 33s for next swap.

You need to get the van over to Chris at Ujoint for a transfer case and front axle.