Van Compass Ford Transit Build - 1 TON 4x4 conversion


You fella do like those crazy colors...

Very, very, very nice work.

I'll have you know I have loved that rear T1N Sprinter bumper you made me last year, with the two swing-outs. My favorite mod ever, except for my VC lift kit. That rocks too!

Van Compass

Front end is wrapped up and assembled.

All the little small stuff like brake lines, wheel speed sensors, power steering, exhaust, fuel tank, front drive lines and transfer case shifter are done.

Steering system has been bled and we started up the van for the first time since December....


Van Compass

Rear suspension is nearing completion. We had a few snags that really stretched out the time line on the project, probably about 2 months. The original rear axle we purchased was bent. We discovered this after mocking up a lot of the parts and ordering items to freshen it up. A non bend axle housing was sourced so we could keep on building. We had to transfer over the R&P to match the gears and parts we ordered did not transfer over as it ended up being a different generation 10.5 sterling. The rear springs we were trying to use from a super duty were not working right for us and we had to do it right with a custom leaf pack. (3 week wait). We should have had the custom pack made from the start to save time and make things easier.

The rear hubs were turned down a accept a matching tone ring we had laser cut. Rob made a bracket that holds the sensor on the rear axle flange. All four wheel speed sensors from the Transit are plugged in and should read correctly (fingers crossed). The transit had less tone ring teeth when compared to the super duty axles. The tire size ratio increase and tone ring tooth count increase should hopefully make the speedo ready very close to correct (fingers crossed).

Rear drive shaft is on order and the missing brake parts will be here by the end of next week. Hopefully driving by Friday.

Brake lines ready for hoses and the parking brake is hooked up. Getting pumped!


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Wow!!! I hope this ends up being a production conversion. I now know what I want to replace my e350 SMB with when the time comes.!