Value for a 2000 100 Series with a big easter egg


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Thinking about selling my 100 series and wondering what you would value it as. This is a pretty rare one at least that I can see for ones for sale. I got this from my work that builds custom sprinter vans as a trade and the people did not care about dumping money into this thing. I have $15k worth of receipt's from Toyota of preventative maintenance they had done including a new engine. Before they started modding it out for overlanding they were sold on a 4x4 van instead. So it's completely stock on the outside and not the prettiest.


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Thanks I can get more photos but everything is stock and works great no rips in the seats and has the third row seats too I just have them out. I know for a serious buyer they would want to know every detail, but what other info would you like to know?


Edmunds is a joke as far as Landcruiser value. I’d be asking at least 15k or best offer and see what happens. As crazy as things are, you might get 20.


Curious what’s been done besides the motor maintenance wise? Brake system, front bearings, complete fluid change out? It’s worth 10-15 IMO from what I see.


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Ok, you and others have asked for pricing so, these Q's should be answered first:

Where is at?
What major services done (timing belt, BJ, CVJ, etc.....)?
Paint condition.
Interior/carpet/seats/operating switches condition?
More detailed pictures.
What "mods" done?
Why a new engine and at what miles?
What does " not prettiest" mean specifically?
What are the seat covers covering?
Whats with the stereo?
Does it have a 3rd row seat?
Brand of RR.
2000 doesn't have diff lock so, what makes this "rare".?
Does VSV/A-Trac/EBD all function?
Any dash warning lights?
Any codes?

While I agree Edmunds doesn't properly reflect current market value of these trucks, neither does $15k in service receipts.

In Colorado these trucks can run anywhere from $4k (driver, but well worn) to +/- $25k (showroom). So, depending on where it's located and answer to my questions may help give a ballpark figure.

BTW, if you want more info and maybe a "go-by" of what people are looking for in a solid 100 series checkout Christo's list for newbies. He's considered one of the guru's in the Land Crusier world. Cheers.

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