Valence 12V 138AH Lithium Batteries (BMS Available)


Hi All,

For sale are Valence U27-12XP batteries -- these are 138AH 12V Lihium (LiFePO) batteries that are basically drop-in for lead acid.

Cost for a single battery is $435 per unit.

Cost for 4x batteries is $415 per unit.

Local Pick-up in Portland, OR

I'm considering a run up to Seattle to do a sale -- and if you are getting a bunch of I'd be willing to meet you somewhere. Just message me if you are interested and we can try and work something out.

I won't ship these since they must go hazmat.

These are in great shape are the best bang for your buck when it comes to Lithium Ion batteries. Better than lead acid technology like Flooded AGM or Gel cell for deep cycle applications like RVs, Cabins, Solar Storage, etc!!

These DO NOT have an internal BMS like a Battleborn/ReLion -- but with simple hardware I have had great experience installing them in RVs. There are aftermarket BMS units available that I can help you source if you must have one. I can provide details on how to install/what hardware I recommend for an installtion in your RV or overlander.

EDIT: See below for BMS information...

I can provide limited tech support -- but please do your research and know what you are buying. These are sold as-is, without a warranty. I assure you each battery I have is in perfect working order and I've conducted diagnostics to ensure they are in good shape.

These are rated for 4000 cycles at 80%DOD -- most of these are between 100 and 300 cycles -- meaning they have almost all of their life left! Even after 4000 cycles -- they'll be rated at 80% of their capacity -- still 110AH and that is if you cycle it every day for 10 years!

These sell for about $500+ on ebay -- I source them directly and pass the savings along to you!
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Quick update -- I've determined how to flash the factory Valence BMS system -- so BMS units and related components are available as well.

This BMS includes the following features:
- low voltage cutoff
- high voltage cutoff
-cell monitoring and balancing (even with systems in series >12v!!)
- low temp shut offs (different set points for charge and discharge)
- state of charge output
- CAN bus output and logic (if you want to get carried away)

I’ve also spoke with my partner and shipping is now available on these batteries at extra cost.
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