Utility trailer conversion

I've been using my trailer mostly for yard work since I've been clearing an acre of woods.
I swapped the axle for a 3.5 ton and put 31" mud terrains on it. It's been great for hauling wood.

I bought a Gobi rack but they are on back order for quite a long time, so in order to make use of my new RTT I decided to reinforce the sidewalls of my trailer, strap on my Yakima rack from my previous rig and make it a bit more overland friendly, ready to tackle 4 days in the boonies on my next trip, leaving tomorrow.

I've used very simple peasant like modifications, such as thick L backets to hold my MFC's in place as well as my ammo can.



Nice ... and very practical. I'm building an expedition trailer and in the meantime I've been using a utility trailer I built years ago in a similar way to you. I carry 2 kayaks and 2 bikes on racks that I built for it. Still have lots of space for extra "stuff".

Looking forward to some "boonie" pics.

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It's a rifle bag. It carries my propane tanks and poles for the tent.

I had it out for a 1000km off-road trip, and here is the verdict. It performed extremely well, I was amazed by how much articulation came out of that ball hitch. However that will be the first thing to be changed to a max coupler. I will also raise the trailer a bit on taller leafs so that the tongue is at the same height as my jeep hitch. I was also told from the people driving behind me that the sidewalls swayed a bit at times, so some cross bracing will be added for stability. Lastly, new floor boards, just cuz these ones are old, and I will need much more tie down spots inside the trailer. It wasn't easy to keep the boxes and jerries down without sliding around.

The floor was all but rotted out, especially where I used to throw cord after cord of wood into it. But now that it performed so well on the last trip, I continue to upgrade it and improve it.
Put new flooring in it:

I'm also going to add much more tie down options along the inner bed as not being able to properly tie down my boxes inside was a bit of an issue.

I've also placed an order for a max coupler hitch to give it more articulation.


Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for your YouTube video on your tent. I ended up purchasing a smittybilt tent after seeing it.

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