Utensils to fit in a BROG Cooking kit bag?

I picked up a Blue Ridge Overland Gear Cooking kit bag, but am having a hell of a time finding any utensils that are short enough to fit in the bag. Any ideas?

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Rendezvous Conspirator
I don't use the BROG bag, but had a similar problem when I was using a knife roll as an "all the utentils" roll. (The problem being not only length but that utensils tended not to "roll up" well since they weren't flat/straight like knives.) I have a mix of folding utensils now - GSI makes a set of folding tongs, serving spoon, etc., and I have supplemented with folding metal turner/spatula and folding ladle from Snowpeak.


SE Expedition Society
This thing holds my full-sized utensils.