Using a Tarp instead of an Awning


I designed and built a tarp system for my work van. 20180819_092001.jpgI priced out and ARB awning and I may still go that route so that I can have an add a room but for now this works and it was well under $100.


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I was going to buy an awning, then I saw the cost. For the price of 1 awning I'm able to get 6 times the coverage with rain flies, tent poles, stakes and paracord. This picture shows only 1/3 of what I can cover using my trailer and the Jeep.


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We have a silon tarp for backpacking. Wanted to do more road trip camping so bought an ALiner. Tried to make a PCV frame with clips to secure the tarp. Waste of time and effort. Went back to basic tarp setup using 3 points of tie down on the frailer and 3 poles. Use a light rope for the ridge line as if setup between 2 trees.


I sometimes use a tarp to enclose the back of my teardrop when the weather is rainy or windy. We are often subjected to high winds up where we like to camp so getting it tied down well is important. I've considered trying to sew up a better fitting shade using a tarp as the starting point. Has anyone here sewn up their own "custom" shade using a tarp? Any pointers before I start sewing on one of my tarps?



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I have an awning... and my trailer setup used to have one as well. But... I always take a couple of decent tarps.