USA-CAN-USA, July 2017 (16 US states and 4 Canadian provinces)

I still don't get why they have to get so close . . .
Yeah, some people do not listen much. Today, the sanekind of thing happened. It was a bison.

Appeared on the side of the road and normal reaction of everyone is to come to a complete stop and take out their cameras to take pictures. Then the bison majestically walked infront of my car and went to a guy on his bike. The bison really got very close to the guy, we thought it may hit him. But then walked away and walked confront of me for what seemed like 5 minutes and by then I had a long line of cars behind me.

The bison walked confront of me for about 5 minutes before getting off the road. By then there was atleast 20ncars behind me. And when I passed the bison, the cars far behind me had to stop next to it to take pictures. Traffic was crazy as the people on the opposite lane too were stopping.
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Roosevelt Arch at the north entrance

The best stop after watching Old Faithful. You need to come here.

There was this group of men and women all dressed in white. They would just walk up and stand together and be meditating or praying. It was quite an attraction as everybody seem to get a picture of them.

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I want to thank you very much for taking your whole day to be my tour guide and taking me on some awesome back roads in Cooke City and finally driving the whole of Beartooth Pass. It was a great day.

As planned, I got to where we had planned to meet. Waited for him and there was no sign of him. I waited an additional 30 minutes and still no sign of wreckdiver1321. So, I figured some thing came up so he would not show up. Not knowing that the road was closed on the section where he was supposed to get on and so he had a delay and when the roads opened up, he was basically hauling it to meet me.

So feeling he will not show up for our meeting, I set off on the Beartoot pass scenic road, while watching out for him, in case he shows up.

After about 10 minutes of driving, while I was negotiating a bend and doing about 65mph and he was probably doing the same, we bypassed each other in what seemed like a flash, but it was enough time for us to recognize each others vehicles and honk and flashed our lights.

So, I pulled over and he came and joined me. We said our hellos, got a little acquainted and it was time to take off. He asked that we get on channel 23 on our cbs. Then we were off to go do about 2 to 3 hours of trails in Cooke City. All the time, he would get on the radio and point out things and tell me a lot of history and geography of the area. He was like a true tour guide. All this while our vehicles were in 4lo basically talking to themselves as we climbed up the rocky mountains of Cooke City.

We did Daisy Pass and Lulu Pass. While the trails were not tough, they were quite steep and the sight was breath taking. The Daisy trail was a tight fit for my huge Infiniti, but it went up the steep rocky trail like nothing. This trail too was very colourful with tons of yellow daisies. Quite a relaxing atmosphere.

From there, we hit the Beartooth Pass highway. Made some stops at his favorite spots along the way which were truly some nice sites to stop at on the road. All this time, he was telling me tons of great stories on the cb. Then we finally made it to the top of Beartooth Pasd and it felt like being on the top of the world. The weather was great. We took in the sights and sounds and walked around. Then it was time to finsih the Beartooth Pass. Which was a very winding road down to Red Lodge. Then the Pass was over. We treated him to lunch where we got to know each other a lot more. Great guy! You should be a tour guide, man.

After lunch, I thanked him for his time and gave him a package I had prepared for him. Then we said our goodbyes as we got on the way for our 3 hours drive back to our hotel. It was a great day.

Top of Daisy Pass.

A little road block on Lulu Pass that we managed to squeeze through it.

Top of Beartooth Pass

Lookout at the top of Beartooth Pass
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Interesting! Thanks for sharing the trip and photos to this section of your trip. A friend of mine just told me about his trip to Rod Lodge and Beartooth Pass on his Triumph last week.
Interesting! Thanks for sharing the trip and photos to this section of your trip. A friend of mine just told me about his trip to Rod Lodge and Beartooth Pass on his Triumph last week.
You are welcome. And thanks a lot for taking the time to read it.

Beartooth Pass is a scenic and nice road for sure. But if you have driven Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs and Mount Evans in Denver, then Beartooth Pass is just about the same. That is how I felt since I have driven all those roads. Amazing roads for sure.
I am finally home from my trip and it was a trip to remember.

On my way home, I stopped in Adrian, TX to see the midpoint of Route 66. Nothing there, just the sign and a old cafe that takes you back in time. The owners of the cafe do not get much business anymore, so he is selling it. The road is bypassed by the interstate. So, the only people who go here are people who have read about it and want to see it and take pictures of the sign. It is just at the ext of the freeway.

From there, I got on the freeway and before long it was the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo. Just bring your spray can and spray away. And take pictures and be on your way.

With my trip all done, these are some facts I will remember about my trip...

TRIP DAYS: 25 days through 18 US states and 4 Canadian provinces
TOTAL COST OF GAS: $1,656 of mostly premium gas. The worst price of gas was in Canada at about $4 USD a gallon.
OIL CONSUMPTION: 2 quarts of full synthetic added on this trip. Not something that happens when I am home as I change my oil every 5,000 miles
MECHANICAL PROBLEMS: Minor scrap on my front bumper and rear bumper. My led fog lights burnt up. Seller on ebay just sent me a new replacement set. Check engine light came on halfway on the trip, but it is off now by itself.
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And this is the list of all the states I went through in chronological order how I went through them... Thanks to all who took the time to read and most thanks to all the awesome people I met on the trip through this forum. Looking forward to what next year may have planned for me on the road.



Nice trip. I'm sure you are happy to be back to the heat and humidity. Cadillac Ranch was looking a little like mudhole. Great pics from along the way.

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Nice trip. I'm sure you are happy to be back to the heat and humidity. Cadillac Ranch was looking a little like mudhole. Great pics from along the way.

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Thanks. I sure am happy to be home. I did some driving that I have never done in my life before. Every single day on this trip, I drove atleast 2 to 4 hours a day. I had to drive to get to attractions and then all the trails were driving too. So, tons of miles behind the wheel. I am glad to be home resting and ready to get back to work on monday.

Cadillac Ranch was truly a mudhole. People were all hanging out at the first Cadillac which had little mud around it. The rest were all in mud. I tried to get to the middle one as someone had my name already painted on it. I guess someone with same name as me. So, I went there to take a picture standing next to it. I got so much mud on my shoes that I had to change shoes to continue driving.


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I enjoyed checking in on this trip report and thoroughly enjoyed your stories and tidbits of info. Well done, PetitFrereArmada, thanks for doing it.