Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK


I really liked the Habitat as well - mostly due to the room available - but there were a few downsides. The first was the mounting of stuff on top. I was told the fold-out mechanism on the Habitat is not designed for the additional weight of having something on top. The Habitat does not have "fixed" pads for sleeping so you would have to put in/remove a pad each time you get up there to sleep - not a big deal, but a little time consuming. No "hard" roof, and the canvas on the Habitat is open to the elements - although the current canvas is supposed to do very well in the wet conditions. The additional about $1,500 (for the Habitat) was money I could spend on other things for my JK.

Mostly I liked the small "footprint" of the Ursa pop-up, as well as, the simple design...


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Yeah, I'm interested to see how the habitat material does in rain and snow. A rain fly generally makes a huge difference in condensation alone so I have to wonder how well it works without anything.


I am not completely sold on the idea yet but I do like both the Habitat and Ursa. I just don't know how bad I will miss removing the front half of the freedom top at will. An RTT gives me both options where the URSA does not. Any other downsides, do you miss the freedom top option?


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Damn...I like this. I really do. I think this is ideal for what I would like to do.


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Back in the 80ies, my parents had a Chevy Suburban with a pup-up roof from a VW Camper. It was one of the best set-ups you can imagine. We took our Suby all over Europe, from the southernmost point of Italy all the way up to the Northcap in Norway. The more I see this Ursa Minor JK the more I fall in love; it comes so very close to my beloved childhood (well youth) Suburban, my roots of overlanding.

Regular guys apporaching midlife crisis buy red convertibles; I could get a Ursa Minor roof for my JK instead ... :elkgrin:

Damn...I like this. I really do. I think this is ideal for what I would like to do.

Chad, we should think about a group-buy here in Georgia :D