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I've been waiting for a few years for some company to buy this door modification and bring it into production.
If a company or person is interested in bringing the barn door to market I'll be happy to talk with them about it. It's actually a pretty simple product - inner and outer shells in fiberglass (shown below just out of the mold and before trimming and bonding together), a window (can be an RV-style fixed window, which is inexpensive even in small quantities ) and two "stakes" to mount it to the tailgate. Making one for Donny in my home workshop wasn't a big deal.

Any idea on a price point for the barn door? I have not read your thread yet, sorry. Still trying to get through this Ursa thread.
I know what it costs me to make one, but I won't post that because that wouldn't take into account the cost structure of a company/person that might bring it to market. The parts are listed above (add a few bolts to the list to be complete), but what's not listed is company labor, overhead, profit margin, etc. so I can't say what it would retail for.


I love the barn door concept! Not only do I have an UrsaMinor J30 on my JKU, but I mounted a Terraflex Alta Rack on the back. God help me if I ever let the door shut while the window is up! It will take out the window strut for sure and most likely destroy the window too. I'm always worrying about it when I have the tailgate open.
It is funny you say that as with the setup that Jeff showed of my Jeep above that was one of the first things I did was check to see if I could still shut the tailgate and tire carrier wiht the trail rack on top and have the glass on the J30 still open. It could albeit barely. It does not go as high as my stock hard top rear window did. Now that I have switched to an AEV bumper/carrier the IPF light on top of the carrier hits the window when it is in any position but all the way down. I am really looking forward to having a 1 step open up tail gate and it is all there. I also ordered the heavy duty tailgate hinge set that Jeff designed to complement all this.


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So....this happened.

I bought the one Rusty mentioned above. I drove both ways through a blizzard a few days ago and camped in it at 15 degrees on the way home.

More to come.

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Looks pretty sweet up there! Glad I remembered seeing that post and that you were able to connect on it. A blizzards not a bad price to pay for skipping the 8-10 week lead time and saving a few $$. :)


My thoughts exactly. I got it wired and fully sorted the day I got home. I've very impressed with the lights! They are bright and everywhere you need them.


After watching the video, thanks for that BTW, I have to ask, do you fit all the way in the garage?
Hahaha yeah by a long shot. I can attach the kayak racks on top and still fit no problem by 6+ inches. Newer house a few years old and the garage openings are huge.

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Anyone know where to source a ladder like this? (annoyingly I saved the image during the months of lusting after a J30, but have no clue where it came from)

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I got this made at my local 4wd shop. the owner is a welder and makes all kinds of crazy buggies he races in the King of the hammer series. Bottom is riv-nuts through the tub, the top is affixed like an awning. On the inside there's a piece of metal bar between the bolts to give some support. I use it almost exclusively as opposed to the floor pannels in the camper.

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