URGENTLY - Need to fit a supplementary oil cooler for the A/T in Chile


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Hi all,

We face serious problems of overheating of our automatic transmission while driving uphill. (Landcruiser 80 series, 1997, diesel, engine 1hd-ft, automatic transmission A442f.
We are now stranded in Pucon Chile and try deperately to find a good place that can do the job.
It is an expert job and we look for a place that is specialized in Landcruisers.
Please URGENTLY let us know if anyone knows a place in Chile. We do not mind to drive anywhere.
Thanks a lot,


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I have a friend who lives in Chile. I will ask her to see if her or her family can recommend anyone.

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pairospam is also an Expo member in Chile send him a pm. If his brother's garage can't fix it he will know who can.


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We are in Pucon right now…need a hand?

Does your transmission have a locking torque converter? Or does is slip all the time.

If it does have a lock up function, it is best to try to keep it locked up. Otherwise drop a gear and keep the rpms up to keep the aft flowing, it will cool back down. In all honestly you're probably better off going back to Santiago to find a cooler, but they are quite simple to install. We're staying at the campground in town if you need some help. Drop by, we have a big black Dodge with Maine plates.


I'm sure getting your hands on a cooler are probably the hardest part. If you can, having the same type of cruiser as you, they are really easy to install.


Does your truck already have an aux cooler in front of the rad? I know mine came with one, but its a USA spec fzj80/petrol truck.

If it does, make sure that it isn't caked with mud/dirt and that your engine fan is strong. A weak fan clutch will certainly reduce airflow and cause problems with trans and engine coolers.

Good luck, and post up results when you can!


Just buy any trans cooler and adapt it in, no big deal
I thought the same thing at first, but, they are in Chile... i've never been there and i can only imagine that it's hard to find a parts store around the corner with an aftermarket cooler, line, hose clamps and extra PS fluid.


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Surprising parts are easy to find in most latino cities, and the stores normally group togther in certain areas, which helps alot

It's not a 1 stop store, its streets of little vendors, all with bits and pieces, some legwork required, as you drive in

Helpers seem to appear from the undergrowth, to assist you with your automobilic shopping trip

I'd start looking for a hydraulic hose store. they'll either have or can point you to a buddy down the road

It probably won't be an asin part but really as longs its larger than your present one it should be good to go.

Toyota wise OEM, probably won't stock it but they can get shipped in from somewhere, get the hoses from the hose guy

Ask him to make up a larger ID one too which will increase flow.

To start as someone suggested, get the rad as clean as possible, insure every hole is clean and every vane straight as they can be, insure that your vents are all in place and your ARB etc bumber does not get in the way of air flow.

When was the gearbox last serviced - fluids and filters ?

a blocked filter will cause heating too

A crimped hose as well could be a cause, check along the entire hose route for damage and crushing.

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Sorry for you guys. I own a 80 with the 1HD-T engine and the same A442f auto box. Most of the 80's with auto box came with a factory cooler in front of the radiator.
I don't want to sink you down… but my auto box died already 2 times for the exact same problem: overheating (oil went up to more than 150° celcius) Fortunately enough, I was always able to return back home before total immobilization.
Be careful, if your auto box already overheated a few times, the inside hydraulic part can be burnt and your torque converter burnt as well… The car can drive normally and in less than one hundred kilometers, the vehicle is immobilized. It happen very quickly.
What is the weight of your 80 ?
If it's not too lake do an oil change and absolutely use a FULL SYNTHETIC ATF oil, as it will handle the heat a lot better. And don't let simply the oil get out as you will only replace 40% of the capacity. Use a spray or an air compressor to flush the rest of the oil out of the pipes and radiator (if you have one). A burnt ATF oil smells strongly like coffee, and has a brown-dark color instead of reddish. This is not a good sign.
If you start feeling that your box is slipping under load, your torque converter is probably dead. You can't fix it, you have to change it. In this case, I would strongly suggest that you do a swap of your box or at least exchange the torque converter as soon as possible, to avoid being immobilized in the middle of nowhere… Not in your plan I guess :-/

I wish you good luck and all the best
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F80 are very rare in Chile, this means no spare parts. Pucon is certainly not a good place to find a mechanic, you will be better of in Temuco. Send me a PM if you still need help and I will move some contacts. I'm located in Santiago.