Unusual Camp Spade/Ax


I'd guess South African military surplus. They were forced to be highly independent for years, and came up with a lot of unique gear as a result. Built-in options for a braai seem very in keeping with SA.

But also note there are similar items on (ugh) sites like Alibaba, indicating the one in the original video might be Chinese crap.
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I just found one on the net for $9.99. I will let you know if it is crap. Not everything from china is crap. I am using a cheap $90.00 mig welder and it has performed above and beyond what I wanted it for.


Outfitting for Adv
One guy in the reviews wrapped the handle in paracord. I could see where a little resin would result in a much stiffer handle.

I saw this hatchet/saw in a youtube vid a couple months ago. Not quite as cheap or flexible as the other tool but does it's intended functions well.